Sunday, May 27, 2012

Cant Go Out Naked

Everyday i get a slight headache but excitement thinking about what to wear and how to dress. Obviously, i have to wear something. 
I mean, DUH....

Because i dont have a fixed style, my dressing style varies from time to time according to my mood. So it could be very extreme ends of a spectrum like rocker chick inspired biker jackets and rugged jeans to girly girl dresses with lace and flowers.

By the end of the next few months, you'll probably be very accustomed to seeing me take photos in the toilet. Mirror reflection plus the lighting's really good so please dont complain!

 I think i really love my bright color clothing that instantly makes me feel happy every single time i donned it. Just like this fuchsia button down dress that is made of incredibly lightweight material and has intricate crochet details at the chest area, which is unfortunately, covered up by my hair. Paired the dress with a skinny silver belt to give the dress more shape and comfortable red wedges that made me so tall! Hohoho. Without heels, i am miserably short. Thats why i hardly wear flats to work, considering that i only have one pair of flats at home and though i know wearing heels too often is very harmful to the feet. But still. I like! 

Similar fashion inspirations!
Love how she used the colorful belt to emphasize her waistline

The crochet details at the hem and the chest area of the dress is so so gorgeous. My dress is quite similar in terms of the crochet details at the chest area and it was simple detailing without being too overstated.

 I managed to dig up some drools-worthy pieces of clothes from my sister's ever flowing, ever bursting wardrobe and this lace dress was one of them. Lace is quite a huge trend nowadays and if i had it my way, i would have donned on a colored blazer instead of the safe, boring black chiffon jacket that i have on.

I had something like this in mind

 But because i dont have any colorful blazers at home(reminding myself to get some), i had to stick with monotone colors. The outfit didnt turn out too bad but it wasnt the look i was going for or had in my mind when i pulled this white dress out of the cupboard. Never mind.

I love having an excuse to dress up. For the past few months, it would have been weird to see me all dressed up in blazers and lace dresses cause my everyday fashion was a Double D day. Remember my previous post on that? No? Well, here's the link for that once again!

So basically, me being in dresses and heels would only happen when there were really special occasions such as weddings or events what not. Otherwise, i would have just felt severely overdressed. However, now, now, i can wear gorgeous chiffon dresses and high wedges! I love it now that i can dress up nicely and not feel overdressed anymore. 
Perks of waking up at 630am every morning. 

Do you get excited about dressing up nicely and looking good? Or is it just a me thing again?


  1. I am loving your red wedge! where did you get it from?

  2. Hello! I got it at a basement shop at Far East Plaza:)