Hi! Im Melissa and welcome to my blog!

I guess my passion for writing started when i created my first ever blog way back in secondary school.
Fast forward a few years and suddenly, i've achieved my Bachelor's in Public Relation and Journalism.
 Crazy but true.
The name for my blog came to me because im really short but definitely not skinny, hence it was only appropriate that i named my blog smallnotskinny.blogspot.com.
This blog is the place for me to keep up with my journalistic abilities and share my life's happiness and sorrows here. I pretty much am a lifestyle blogger since i blog about every thing. I like to think its mostly fashion and travel cause these are the two things that i'm really passionate about.

Sometimes, i find that my blog helps me to document my life's journey. I've been blogging for years now and have amassed tons of blog posts so whenever im feeling reflective or nostalgic, i turned to those posts and see how much i have grown and learnt as a person.
PS: Just read a bunch of my old posts and thought that i was quite a shitty person previously!
Thankfully, that's changed. i think.
I do hope you enjoy reading my blog and finding out more on my life.
I would love to bring interesting things to share, introduce new perspectives and inject fun into my posts!

Till then,
Melissa Melly Mel