Sunday, May 27, 2012

Cant Go Out Naked

Everyday i get a slight headache but excitement thinking about what to wear and how to dress. Obviously, i have to wear something. 
I mean, DUH....

Because i dont have a fixed style, my dressing style varies from time to time according to my mood. So it could be very extreme ends of a spectrum like rocker chick inspired biker jackets and rugged jeans to girly girl dresses with lace and flowers.

By the end of the next few months, you'll probably be very accustomed to seeing me take photos in the toilet. Mirror reflection plus the lighting's really good so please dont complain!

 I think i really love my bright color clothing that instantly makes me feel happy every single time i donned it. Just like this fuchsia button down dress that is made of incredibly lightweight material and has intricate crochet details at the chest area, which is unfortunately, covered up by my hair. Paired the dress with a skinny silver belt to give the dress more shape and comfortable red wedges that made me so tall! Hohoho. Without heels, i am miserably short. Thats why i hardly wear flats to work, considering that i only have one pair of flats at home and though i know wearing heels too often is very harmful to the feet. But still. I like! 

Similar fashion inspirations!
Love how she used the colorful belt to emphasize her waistline

The crochet details at the hem and the chest area of the dress is so so gorgeous. My dress is quite similar in terms of the crochet details at the chest area and it was simple detailing without being too overstated.

 I managed to dig up some drools-worthy pieces of clothes from my sister's ever flowing, ever bursting wardrobe and this lace dress was one of them. Lace is quite a huge trend nowadays and if i had it my way, i would have donned on a colored blazer instead of the safe, boring black chiffon jacket that i have on.

I had something like this in mind

 But because i dont have any colorful blazers at home(reminding myself to get some), i had to stick with monotone colors. The outfit didnt turn out too bad but it wasnt the look i was going for or had in my mind when i pulled this white dress out of the cupboard. Never mind.

I love having an excuse to dress up. For the past few months, it would have been weird to see me all dressed up in blazers and lace dresses cause my everyday fashion was a Double D day. Remember my previous post on that? No? Well, here's the link for that once again!

So basically, me being in dresses and heels would only happen when there were really special occasions such as weddings or events what not. Otherwise, i would have just felt severely overdressed. However, now, now, i can wear gorgeous chiffon dresses and high wedges! I love it now that i can dress up nicely and not feel overdressed anymore. 
Perks of waking up at 630am every morning. 

Do you get excited about dressing up nicely and looking good? Or is it just a me thing again?

Friday, May 25, 2012

Great Balls of.......

(all you dirty minded fellows)

Chanced upon these huge furballs at my house downstairs and they were attracting quite a crowd. Being my usual kaypoh self, i also wanted to take picture and show you guys so here.

Look at that massive dog which is either too lazy to walk or too fat to support its own legs thus the pram. Sort of reminds me of the forever friends bear!

Look alike right?

The owner must have a hard time taking good care of the dog and they dont just have one but two pooches. Except the other one's black but also sitting comfortably in the pram. I didnt think it looked very cute so i biased and only take this cream colored dog.  So pampered tsk but i think cause of Singapore's hot climate, the fur coat must be extremely  hot thus the two seemingly useless but pretty colored fans are needed.

Another gigantic dog spotted at my area downstairs. This dog is frequently spotted because it belongs to the jewellery shop owners who also have a Jack Russell who's always overshadowed by its fellow mate (literally and non-literally) because everyone's so interested and curious in this big fellow that no one really bothers about the common tiny Jack Russell. So it always runs around and barks for attention. But really, no one gives a shit about it. 

Baby bear-sized dog that's almost or already bigger than me.

See, that bugger begging for attention while the big one lavishes in the attention of the public.

Everyday just relaxed in the aircon and shiny bling of the gold jewellery. #likeaboss

This dog's a lot more popular and even has its own facebook page. I received the slip of paper containing the links but i've long lost it. If anyone really wants to add this dog as a friend, let me know and i'll go get the link for you. Free anyway. Why not right? I doubt anyone will judge you for having a dog as a facebook friend. Will they? Cause i do have a dog on my friend list :X

Now since we saw so much fur, i shall compensate the over indulgence of fur balls by showing you this hairless guy. Saw it at the grooming shop and decided that it looked hideous. Maybe cause its facial hair isnt gone yet. I dont know? 

Is this a new trend or something?


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hearts On Fire

Been fooling around with my uncle's portable tripod and i love how i dont have to use my hands to take photos anymore. Thats why im keeping my hands to myself now! Haha. Should really get one of these tripods. So lightweight and useful.
Tsk at that messy hair.

I wore this bright orange skirt and cute heartsy top to cheer up an otherwise gloomy, rainy Monday morning. Love how the color of the skirt paired with a skinny blue belt stands out nicely from the rest of the neutrals!

A close up on the chiffon hearts top. So cute, i mad love it! Hehe

Randomly thought that i should call this outfit the "Hearts On Fire" outfit. Cause there are hearts on the top and the orange skirt can represent fire. Hahaha. I am genius :)

And then, coming home to a view like this marks the perfect end to a day. Enjoying my life at the moment that it is in right now.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Dummy Hobby

Have you ever wanted to be praised for your impeccable art skills and create masterpieces that make people go "WOW" and o.O ? Well, if i can do it, so can you!

Yes! I've taken up painting for dummies 101. Its simple, You choose from a range of scenic pictures and landscapes and pick one. Inside the box will be a white canvas and some paint and brushes. Now,if you're worried about painting like crap and your picture turning out to be a mess, do not fear, painting for idiots methods are available. 

The best catch/method these manufacturers have to ensure that your painting is gonna be absolutely gorgeous/pretty is that the whole canvas is filled with numbers for you. 

Why numbers?

That's because these numbers on the canvas indicate which color goes to which area! Each color is labelled with a number etc: 1,2,3 and you just find the number 1 areas and paint it! Just follow the color codes and paint accordingly and you can also be an artist!

Its freaking genius i tell you. Just simple painting in between the lines that definitely would guarantee that you cant go wrong unless you really have no talent in coloring. I would show you pictures but if you read the previous post, you would have known that i stupidly formatted my memory card and lost everything. So i can only show you my current state of the artwork which is almost half completed.

 1 day later 

Isn't it nice?! OMG. Self praise :x

If you look at the other side of the unpainted painting, you can clearly see the numbers. So just 
follow the numbers and fill in the paint respectively. I think its a very awesome and dummy proof hobby and im super hooked on to this project. Everyday, the first thing i want to do when i get home is to paint and paint and paint.

 And when its all completed, you can frame it up and  hang it in your house so when visitors come, you can proudly say "I  HAND PAINTED THIS" and they will think you are a freaking genius artist. They will never know. (unless you tell them)

To my knowledge the paintings can be found at Pioneer Mall, Jurong Point and Terminal 3's Ntuc (although there's like hardly any selection there) and definitely elsewhere but i know Jurong Point sells it at a way pricier price. Its $49.90 there but about $25 at Pioneer Mall. You can try sourcing elsewhere and i'll keep a lookout if i notice other areas selling this.  

I'm definitely continuing on this addictive hobby and i post up the completed piece once im finished! 


Sunday, May 20, 2012

Doing Stupid Things Since the 90s

If you have been following me on twitter, you would have seen me twitted that I accidentally formatted my memory card. :x Dont ask me why i suddenly decided to fiddle with the buttons on my camera because it's probably just one of the stupid things that im capable of doing. But i thought that the format in the camera meant the format of pictures, ie: jpeg, png and i impulsively, happily and very smugly went to press that button. In 3 seconds, every single thing in my memory card disappeared :(( Im majorly upset now cause there were a lot of good photos that i liked and wanted to use and post them here but now all i have is a "No Image Found" sign on my memory card. All those memories that i wanted to keep poofed into thin air and vanished. Literally gone in the wind. ARGHHHHHHHH!

There were so many things that i wanted to blog about but its no fun having all words and no pictures cause its just BORING and also because I dislike reading really text heavy stuff without any visuals. I feel its too overwhelming on the eyes. So that explains the lack of updates for last week and probably the future lack of updates until i build up my database again :x

Monday, May 14, 2012

The One that gave me Life

My mother is one of the strongest woman i know and have come to love and appreciate her. She shares my love and passion for dance and never stops trying to enjoy her life to the fullest. Over the years as i went through my rebellious stages, she has never failed to stop loving me or bring me up with the best that she could provide and to be the best that i can be. I am thankful for all that i am and all that i've become. I only hope i can make her proud of me as much as i am of her.

Happy Mothers Day.

My family did an advanced Mothers Day Celebration on Thursday cause we were worried about the crowds and price jacks by restaurants over the weekend and that all of us were free on that day. So since my mum didnt want to go far, i suggested Mayim for dinner. Mayim is basically a Chinese restaurant that serves Chinese food. Haha. No seriously, i like that its a cheaper alternative to other atas restaurants like Din Tai Fung and Crystal Jade but still serve its customers with delicious food! Remember to go early or before the dinner period if you dont want to wait for a table! My family waited for about 15 mins before we managed to get seated. 

Took a picture of my Disney ring while waiting for my food.

My older sister and younger brother

Siblings! Bran, Stef and I

Some of the dishes that we ordered. Sliced fish, french beans, tofu in a pot and mashed potato balls (sorry i forgot their actual dish names)

My la mian noodles! Looking at this makes me hungry again

The total bill came up to about $82 for 8 dishes inclusive of GST and service charge. Not too bad in my opinion cause it was split between the 3 kids so each of us paid about $27. If you want to give it a try, Mayim has two outlets available in bukit batok and yishun.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Hair Butcher

I made a decision today. I would cut my hair short. Remember the Victoria Beckham bob hair cut that was so popular last year, spurring about half of my friends to impulsively chop off their long locks for a more refreshing and cooling change. 

I decided to do that a year later. 

How i look like now

Okay, you guys probably can tell that its an illusion. I just simply tied up the rest of my hair and let the front few strands dangle. But it does look like the bob hair cut, doesnt it? Or is it just me?

Aside from that illusion, my hair really did get butchered off. No kidding. I went into the salon intending to just snip my fringe shorter but that wasnt the case. Once i took off my specs, i was as blind as a bat and basically couldn't see what the person was doing. So i assumed i was in safe hands cause all i wanted was a shorter fringe and to trim off my split/damaged ends. I mean, how could it go wrong?

I assumed wrong, the lady took off about 3 inches of my hair!! Holy shit, 3 inches isn't just a little trim, its a freaking normal cut. 3 inches could have been [          this long             ] but for me it almost seemed liked it was [                      this long                         ]  My hair is too damn short for my liking now! I was so upset when i stepped out cause it was never my intention to cut this much of my hair. Its mad i tell you, because it takes me millions of years (okay, i exaggerate) to grow my hair out to the previous length that it was and bloody 10 mins for it to be all gone.  

Maybe because i never expected to cut this much of my hair which explains why im so upset over it. Although some people have told me that i look refresher and nicer with this cut, im still not psyched about it because my own family commented that i cut too much and its quite short now. So much for positive encouragement huh. Besides, i look even more kiddy now with my shorter fringe and that sucks even more. Argh. i just cant wait for it to quickly grow out now.

My previous hair length

Disgruntled customer. Look how short my ponytail is!!

When it all falls down

The length, the length :(

Trying to find that positive side to this situation and all i can say is maybe i'll be less hot with Singapore's humid weather. There, positive side. 

Chubby cheeks. 

Just in case. Those are knees, not boobs. 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dear 16 year old me

For those of you who are well past your 16th birthday, did you ever imagine what it would be like to ever meet your 16 year old self and talk to it?  It just came to me and this is what i would like to say if i ever met my 16 year old self.

Dear 16 year old me,

Hi, its really awkward looking at a younger version of me and its like deja vu because i've definitely seen you before. In fact, I was you. By the way, don't keep cutting your hair really short. You honestly dont look too good and will most definitely regret it in time to come because you will refuse to acknowledge or show any pictures of yourself to anyone. You seriously look better with long hair.

And stop fighting with Mrs Goy over the teachers' day concert, she'll get her just desserts in time to come. (Hint: She's no longer a "Mrs") So dont be too rebellious with her, just stick with it and let her do the things that she wants. If you throw a tantrum, you're at the losing end cause eventually you'll have to apologize to her. So not worth it. And besides, you wouldn't want to miss out the opportunity to experience dancing for the first time. You'll learn to love it massively in future and go on to other genres besides Pussycat Dolls "Buttons".

Please dont let that one person mess you up badly. Its not worth it and you'll let it affect your O levels. You'll meet nicer people in the path that you'll take and they will treat you right and appreciate you for who you are. I assure you that there's definitely someone better in your future waiting for you.

Always remember to treasure all the time you have with Team7 right now, they're an amazing bunch of people who will make you laugh and give you unforgettable memories. You'll slowly lose touch but its okay, once in awhile you guys all get back together again and its quite cool how everything picks off the way it was before. Oh, and some people in school will change. The change will surprise you and you'll never expect it but they're moving on to greener pastures and letting loose so respect them. Its a really lucrative business.

And finally, enjoy your secondary school days right now, you'll miss it so much in the future. Always have fun in what you're doing and remember to play when its time and study when its time. Stop watching your Power Ranger and Tom and Jerry CDs all the time and study more! Enjoy your life and live for the moment. Remember, "life is short, and so are you"

Ps: Dont wear that white tube dress for prom. You look major retro and puffy in that!

I hope to see you in time to come,
Your future self. 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Chasing away those Monday Blues

Have you watched the Avengers yet? 

If you haven't, dont forget to catch the movie at cinemas near you before its too late! Its such an amazing comedy and action packed movie and definitely the highest praise goes to Joss Whedon, the director of the show. I absolutely loved it and was thrilled when gave me a free pair of tickets to watch the movie at Shaw Lido on Monday! It definitely helped to chase my Monday blues away cause i was so excited at winning something free. I know right, what a dumb excuse. 
I had already watched the movie once so when i received the free tickets, i offered them to my brother and kept giving him spoilers. Haha. Here's some pictures before his date arrived.

Shaw Lido's cinema is such a good place to take pictures cause of the extremely good lighting from their huge glass windows. 

Him looking happy with the free tickets

A pity i didnt take a picture of my full outfit! However if you are following me on twitter, you would have saw my tweet that it was a very biker/rocker inspired outfit. I wore a peachy pink dress that i previously got from Bangkok and jazzed it up with a biker jacket, black wedges, black accessories and of course, my Facebook ring. 

Timmy came over to look for me in town cause i was alone waiting for my brother to watch the movie and we headed over to Tampopo for some of that black pig deliciousness(:

The only decent shot we managed to get, the rest were all shaky and blur thanks to timmy's amazingballs camera skills.

My black pig deluxe something ramen! Its so so good cause i like thin and hard noodles and pork broth soup with spicy flakes in it

Timmy's stone grilled beef cheese curry rice

We had such a riot laughing over the stone grilled beef cheese curry rice cause we were trying to say it fast and it just became a tongue twister for us. And then it became beef cheese chilli fries.. from Carls Junior. Try it, knock yourself out. 

In short, my Monday was a pretty awesome day! Thanks again to Nuffnang for the free pair of tickets and i got to see famous bloggers too like Qiuting, Sophie, Miyake, Yutaki and Beatrice Tan who were at the movie screening too. Plus getting ready for the movie and just heading for a night out in town with good company makes everything so happy and fun and i am surely not suffering from any depression that its Monday again. Maybe because i am unemployed and can sleep in as late as i want :x Sorry, this routine wouldn't last long anyway and soon, i'll be griping and bitching about Mondays alongside with the rest of the working/schooling world. 

 So... how did YOU chase your monday blues away?

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Dim Sum Foodies and I'm in Jail

What did you do for your Labor Day Holiday this May? Catch up on some long-needed sleep? Do homework or met up with friends that you didnt see in a million years? A public holiday is awesome, a time of well deserved break from everything but also spells crowds in any and everywhere. Massive crowds. (random thoughts)

So anyway, i spent the day with lots of family time with both my mum and my dad sides. Went to turf city's Ah Yat's Seafood Restaurant for dim sum with my dad's side and honestly, i dont think i like dim sum very much. Its definitely not my favorite choice for food and if i had to choose brunch, i'll definitely pick my Eggs Benedict and pancakes over siew mai and chee cheong fun. 

My younger brother and i, everyone always tells me we look alike. And every time we go out,  people always assume we're a couple. HAHA. even my mum says so. So incest-ish with my 6 years younger brother.

Xiao Long Bao, Fried tofu and more dim sum

My Century Egg porridge

Cousin, Grandma, Dad

Stef and Kevin

 My Parents! Who do i look like? Mum or Dad?

Stef and I

Mum and I

My 2 nephews and my cousin-in-law!

Anyway, dont get me wrong, its not that Ah Yat's dim sum sucks or anything. My mother raves about this dim sum place cause she says its really good but i think its just my taste buds problem or i just dont have that kind of lovey emotions towards dim sum. It tastes alright to me but dont take my word for me cause i cant tell good dim sum from bad dim sum. There's just two categories for me and it comes down to either "I like" or "I Dont Like". Just like how i cant tell why Lao Ban's beancurd is nicer than any other beancurd. It all tastes the same to me and i cant tell them apart. I just call them beancurd and eat them. 

So not a food expert.

After dim sum, we went to my grandfather's place at Holland v before heading back home for some rest and relaxation. Im a lot closer to my grandfather from my mum's side while my sister is closer to my grandmother from my dad's side. But i love them both, obviously.

Anyway, ending off this labor day post with a picture of me in my balcony. Laughed so hard when i saw this cause it wasnt my intention to pose like this. I was just trying to capture my outfit and then at the spur of moment while my timer was blinking, i decided that i would take a more artsy photo of me in a pensive mood but it came out like im in jail and im looking longing at my freedom. What in the right mind was i trying to do?! 

Anyway, that's my outfit for my labor day activities, somewhat preppy, very comfy.