In 2013, i looked in a mirror and decided that i let myself gone too far. Up till that point, I was eating unhealthy, did zero exercise and constantly worrying about my image. In addition, i had gained well over 3kg and was at my heaviest ever. Everyday, i struggled with myself knowing that i would go out and cover myself from head to toe so that no one could see those bulging fats and it was an exhausting battle both physically and mentally. One day in April, i decided enough was enough, i was going to stop harming my body, stop beating myself up about my poor body image and start doing something about it. 

And i did.

I've lost 4kg to date doing things the healthy way. There are days i still let myself slide and indulge in that occasional unhealthy craving but its okay. I've gotten fitter, toner and happier about myself and i know its not time for me to stop yet. Because i made a lifestyle change, it became a lifelong process and one that can make me a more confident person. If you want to, join me on this life changing decision and catch my progress here.


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