Monday, December 31, 2012

Great News For Everyone in 2013!

Have you guys seen this yet?
 9Gag Singapore has proudly brought us this breakdown of public holiday charts in Singapore for 2013 which means long weekends for everyone!
If this is really true, 
it would really be a great piece of news to almost start the new year with it being just mere hours away.
Can anyone agree that long weekends are the bomb?!
What do you guys think?
Are these long weekends for real or just a figment of my imagination?
Because if so, i have a lot of planning for travel trips to do.
Till then,
Melissa Melly Mel

Friday, December 28, 2012

The Same Old Resolutions

It seems like this year, i have been very faithful to my blog, albeit there were a few months when i went missing for awhile.
But overall, i did good:)
Looking back, 2012 has become one of the most incredible restarts that i've had with my blog. As always, every year has its ups and downs and strangely enough, i cannot remember any really outstanding or memorable things that happened in my life this year. Offhand, i cant tell you what were the worst moments or best moments in my life thus far. Maybe im not trying hard enough or maybe i just have a really bad memory. But i do know for certain that my loved ones (family + Tim + friends) have been an incredible source of joy, laughter and support for me and there is no way to thank them.
Oh, Australia just popped into my mind as one of the best moments in my life.
( And performing in a concert. Suddenly these moments start rushing to me like tidal waves)
Worst would probably be undergoing surgery at KKH!
Scary times. Okay, so far that's all of my memories.
On that note, my year has almost ended with today being the last friday of the year and the beginning of a long weekend and receiving news that my job is now going to be permanent!
Fancy title but really, im just an eCommerce executive
Seems like a great start to a new year, with me being a full fledged coporate worker stepping out no longer as a student, but as an adult. i dont even think i can be considered a young adult anymore. Bah! Taking on new responsibilities and it's finally time to recite the same old resolutions that i have been doing for the past few years.
It just goes to show how much procastination i have in me.

My top 10 things that i really need to get down and dirty with
(i kid, no dirty involved) 
1. Lose Weight/Tone Up/Do Something with your body!!
2. Love more
3. Need to dance
4. Keep up with your friends
5. Save money
6. Save more money
7. Travel while you still can. Go see the world!
8. Be good at your job. Learn everything
9. Cherish the people around you
10. Be positive and embrace whatever comes your way, good or bad
So basically, "Suck it up"

An advanced Happy New Year! to everyone and
thank you for being so nice to read this little space of mine.

Till then,

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Where Did the Clothes Fly?

 I didn't realised that i've stopped mentioning my fashion inspirations and am actually quite dismayed to find out that the last post was way back in July (read post here). I love reading about fashion from different perspectives because it means that a single item can be interpretated in so many variations and its up to you to decide which way you like the best.
And besides, dressing well means you'll feel good both inside and out.
Nevertheless, i am back with a bang and the list of people that i now follow regularly has since expanded, broadened and widened my eyes to the ever changing world of fashion. 
So here are the new reads on my "Go to Read" list.

1. Song of Style
all picture credits to
Asian fashion powerhouse, Aimee Song, manages to wow me away with her incredible love for pants and leather jackets, staple pieces that she's decked in most of the time. Her style is simple but her eye for layers, details and colour contrasts makes her stand out from other fashion bloggers. Her pictures are never short of amazing with the attention paid to finding a perfect spot for a photo, one that usually complements her outfits in so many more ways.
Additionally, having a knack for interior design on top of a great fashion sense seems too good to be true. Taking on projects such as building her own wardrobe (see above), which is in my opinion, magnificient, glorious and every girl's dream,
Aimee Song shows that she's not just a pretty face.
2. The Chriselle Factor
all picture credits to
Chriselle Lim, wardrobe stylist turned popular fashion blogger, made headwaves when she partnered with Michelle Phan, fellow youtuber to create fashion tutorials. But all that's in the past now and Chriselle has stepped out with her own personal channel as well as her own style. Rocking different looks according to her mood, her style varies from rocker chic, casual comfort or girly glam. Known for her fashion tips, DIY style and doing the impossible such as mixing prints, i find Chriselle fearless in her fashion escapades and an absolute delight to watch as she create masterpieces.
3. Rumi Neely
all picture credits to
Rumi Neely is... Rumi Neely.
Her style is unique, indescribable and fashion forward
Enough Said.
Not only is there fashion blogs to read about, but sometimes, getting fashion advice and inspirations can come from shopping websites which helps to pull out the latest fashion trends and go an extra mile by helping you to recreate looks so that you too can dress like a superstar at a fraction of the actual cost.
Looking and shopping at one single place?
 Hurray for multi-purpose websites!
My current favourite is J.Crew which provides great lookbooks and a wide variety of merchandise that's great for each and every event.
That's it for my fashion reads and hopefully (fingers crossed), i wouldnt wait 5 months to do another fashion post!
Till next time,

Sunday, December 23, 2012

A really quick update on ZZ's surprise 21st birthday celebration where we basically hid in Xenia's kitchen, made an excuse and waited for the birthday boy to arrive before surprising him, ate cake and had lots of chatter and laughter afterwards.

It was a great time spent with these awesome friends of mine and a slight pity that Jerome and Tim couldn't be there to celebrate with us. 
Ohwells, there's always next time!

Eyeballs Please

His "Very Touched" pose:)

Being all shy

And lastly,
 a group shot of the people who became important to me in my life.

Till next time,
Melissa Melly Mel

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Meeting Blogger QiuQiu

Update: QiuQiu has tallied the total profits and donated $1270 to Gentle Paws.

When popular blogger, QiuQiu first blogged that she would be holding a charity flea at Scape, i was pretty psyched for a 22 year old mature girl. *pfft*
Firstly it was for charity, a dog shelter named Gentle Paws that she was helping.
Secondly, cause she posted up pictures of the things that she wanted to sell and some of them caught my eye! Tutu skirts, flowy dresses and tie dye shirts!
And lastly, because she mentioned that items were priced between $2-$10! Huge incentive!
So i made up my mind to drop by her stall and even though i went like an hour early, there was already a line forming outside her booth! Imagine girls queuing behind empty tables, a pretty ridiculous sight in my opinion, but did nothing to stop me from joining the queue.Hey why not? Its for a good cause!
 And besides, it wasn't that long when i arrived.
Fortunately for me, Tim was there to accompany me during the extremely boring wait.  He didn't mind standing in line with a bunch of girls for an hour plus and couldn't imagine what the fuss about the blogger was all about. But he still did it because i wanted to.
 Thumbs up for the most patient boyfriend ever!
Fast forward the massive queue which snaked from level 4 to level 5 and boom, QiuQiu arrives, smiling and thanking all of us for coming. Even came prepared with a huge bag of candy and distributed them among us. Readers/fans/queuers/people who went just cause its cheap and curious (Me) got to take photos with her when we were near the booth.
We were ushered to the booth in groups of 4 to 5 and were allowed 5 mins browsing time i think. So began the massive hunt of digging and pulling out whatever caught my eye and then quickly turning to Tim who stood at the back and getting his approval, either he smiles or he frowns. Hahah.
 A race against time.
Final Verdict:
I managed to come away with 5 items and paid $21 in total. Quite a good bargain since it meant that all my items were about $4 each. Sadly, all the things that i originally wanted to get were either bought earlier or reserved for the later crowds. Ohwell, im still pretty happy with what i got so here's a breakdown on what i bought!
(All photos were taken and edited with my S3)
1.Pale Green Chiffon Crop Top
2. Vintage Long Tank 
3.Floral Dress
4. Floral headband
Also seen on Cooper :D
The last item is a dress that isn't too flattering on me. So no pictures of that!
And lastly, my picture with QiuQiu.
She's really crazy tall in person and bend down quite a bit to even out our height difference.
 I looked too fugly in the photo anyway so this cartoon penguin shall replace me.  
Till then,
Melissa Melly Mel

Monday, December 3, 2012

The Truth

So in long anticipation to my previous "Getting Married" post, here's what really happened. No, i am not getting married. Not yet at least. However, my marital instincts and maternal instincts are acting up thanks to seemingly perfect family blogs that im stalking right now and pinterest. In a nagging feel to get married, move out to my own house and live my life as a married woman. I know, crazy it seems! Marriage at 22 may not seem young to the older generations but my ideal age had always been marriage at 27 - 29years old. Why, just last year, i scoffed upon knowing that my friend wanted to settle down by 21 and i was all like "So young?!" 
Now, karma bites back.  

But enough pish posh about my raging hormonal changes!
My parents celebrated their 26th wedding anniversary at MBS and for once, i brought my camera stand out to take decent group shots without having to stack my camera on top of tons of stuff. We did a mini photoshoot at the balcony of MBS because T and i wanted some photos for a project that we're working on (More about that next time) and we included my family into the shots.

Eyeballs please!

For the first time, people can say that my sister and i look alike.

I think MBS is so not worth the hoo-ha! 
Besides, showing you generic hotel photos is oh so boring considering that almost 3/4 of Singaporeans have been taking pictures and blogging about MBS. So nothing exciting there. Just for keepsake, here's one of T and i at the infinity pool. Poor boy could barely keep his eyes open in the glaring sun.

Having problems with uploading photos now cause of my photo limit. Gah! Need to figure out how to use flickr and photobucket now to add photos into my blog. Else i would just have to keep deleting past photos which i cant bear to!

 Till next time,
Melissa Melly Mel