Sunday, November 30, 2008

School, Dance and Blue nails

school's like shit. with projects and common tests coming up, i've got no time to sit back and enjoy the holiday season with its festive greetings and end of year sales. Damn.

Dance is giving me the best feeling ever.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Raindrops keep falling on my head


the rain just keeps on pouring and pouring. When will it ever stop?

Because of last night, i woke up late today and reached school aprox at 10am when class started at 9am. So the only thing that compensated my lack of sleep was the fact that the proposal that i was correcting all night came through and i can continue with the TOR now. Satisfied man. Assignments are piling up but im doing my best to keep up. There's that push that i need to keep up.

Now, im really motivated.

Tis the season to be sorry :/


I am so tired. With common tests coming up, so many things to do and christmas around the corner, i swear on my height that sooner or later, im gonna go down. The mad rush to do everything is wearing me down thin. Practicals are screwing me upside down and so is everything else.

I guess thats just the trend nowadays.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Gossip Girl


Cts are coming. I really need to start studying harder now.

I just spend half an  afternoon watching gossip girl ep 7 to 10. I liked it.

A meaningless thing

Regrets are always kept for later on when you've thought you let go.

The hardest thing to do is tell it to your face that i hate your attitude in treating me like crap. Because i actually am overly terrified of screwing the friendship up. If you even realise what that word means. I am not the cleaner that helps chase the shadows away and fixes up that void in your life. Friends arent supposed to be like this. You've got all your facts mixed up wrongly.

Im pissed because i cant go for danzation because i spend a lot of time contemplating if i wanted to get out of camp for it. Now, i dont have to think. Ticket sales are closed, Sucker

Saturday, November 22, 2008


i totally forgot to mention that my I&E proj was a success thanks to the support of the NRA family. They were the majority of our customers. All the best for danzation.

So church camp is gonna be on the same week as TBC camp, danzation and dance lessons. Damn. Gonna have to work out my time properly because i want to go for everything. Danzation cause fantasia was such a good event, dance lessons cause its justis and TBC cause its su and i havent missed out a single camp ever. Biggest dilema ever.

spending saturdays waking up late to replenish the week's lack of sleep. watching cartoons and doing my project work plus there's dance later in the evening. No need for me to go out(:

Friday, November 21, 2008

I havent had this feeling in the longest time. Half loved, Half sweet.

Just a tiny gesture from you, and you've blown me away.

Whoa Wow.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tagged by beatrice sim

16 random facts about me

1. I like sniffing my freezer because the cold air makes my sinus problem better.

2. I have a wierd craving for pasta.

3. Im not really allergic to prawns. Used to when i was young but it went away and i just developed a distaste for them

4. I really dont like seafood

5. I ever discussed the methods of suicide with my friends and found out the most painless way to go is to overdose yourself.

6. Kbox serves the chilli that my mother used to punish me when i was a kid and lied.

7. I cannot remember who my first kiss went to :X

8. I used to eat tubes of mentos extra strong mint, drink cold water and stand in an air con room after i bathed all at the same time just to try to see if that method gets me sick so i can skip school.

9. I ever turned _____ twice.

10. I used to pull my friends' pants down all the time in primary school

11. Until now, i still have a curfew of getting home before 10pm.

12. When i turned 18 this year, my mother gave me a bottle of bacardi to try. -.-" a bit tempted to tell her i've been drinking that since sec 3.

13.  i am a truly lousy alcoholic.

14. I used to have this mini crush on my poly classmate.

15. I no longer am 150cm but 149 because i've shrunk. &^*&^^%$@!$^%#

16. i have a total of 14 ex boyfriends and scandals :X


i dont feel like tagging others to do so.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Camera Fun


i spent my after class time happily snapping away at city hall area  with classmates aziz, nikos and jacob. Armed with Nikos's DSLR, Aziz's Sony, My Canon sx110 and Jacob's Germany brand camera, we had good fun just walking around aimlessly, pressing our shutter buttons at whatever we found interesting. Seems to me that just when i thought i knew my country well enough, there were hidden places that i've never explored before. Just when i thought i knew. Too many pictures taken with 4 cameras and too lazy to upload because there are assignments actually waiting to be submitted.

School is ever so depressing. Talk about get a life.


Hungry hungry. even though i had dinner 3 hours ago :X

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Busy week and more busy weeks ahead. Got so much going for me right now that it almost seems like my life back in year1. Only slightly different with new friends and new hobbies. And i am happy. Happy to be doing dance again, to have the motivation to want to do well in studies, to snap away with my new camera. for carolling, for church, for my friends, and for jiting because he's starting to talk to me again. Not forgetting i got to see FARENHEIT up close and personal, shake their hands, talked to them and go for their concert.(: My life is amazing right now. And my calendar's full for now all the way till dec.

I am a busy happy girl because all these stuff keeps me from doing stupid things and thinking of stupid things. I dont like to be alone.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Time For A Change

Im starting to get the kind of feeling i used to have. Dont wanna elaborate.

I just want to concentrate on doing my best in everything. So it means no skipping carolling practices and no skipping dance practices. And please please please, complete your assignments on time.

Mel, dont be a player. Dont go round breaking people's hearts. Even if its unintentional. Somethings are meant to be set straight.

You cant run away your whole life.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


i suddenly have this fetish for posting up msn chats. (:

hubby talked to me! though it was a short few sentences :/ never mind. im gonna get him to be my friend again. No matter how hard it takes, he's one friend i dont wanna lose.

Take a knife and dont forget to stab the heart

My cab uncle that drove me to pasir ris today had very cool 3D-like specs. Haha.

Decoders anniversary was a good load of fun. But the train ride back from pasir ris was more entertaining and fun. Shijia, Andy, Edwin, Sebas, Ansel, Me, and friend's name i've forgotten :/ heh. Half the journey was filled with magic tricks by shijia and the other half was me, andy, sebas, edwin and shijia complaining about early classes and assignments to rush out today.  Because my stupid comp is so laggy and annoyingly lousy, im so behind in assignments as they take me decades to upload a freaking software. Behind in Ecad, Pm, OOAD and MAD. which is actually all my modules. Seriously, suck balls man. Bah, im still wordpressing here. Kill me please.

Decked in a white tank, cute bunny short and a grey headband. Armed with music and bombarded with assignments.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


My sql server cant get uploaded until i decompressed my c drive. And for me to apply the attributes. Take a good look above.

wordpress is lagging. Or is it just my comp?

Monday, November 10, 2008

New Friend



so i made a new friend. can you tell?

hardcore wants

i miss pasta, summer dresses, fish & co, dance, my besties and a perfectly good pair of high heels. I havent worn heels in the longest time yet. oh. and frolick too(:

 and i thrive on being skinny. because all of me is soon going over to the chubby side.

sucks man.

i didnt mean to spin you around in circles. sorry hubby.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

on sacred grounds

i wish i knew

now, arent you the most gorgeous boy i've even known(:

Sunday, November 2, 2008

i am a firefly

I almost lost my wallet today. Scared me half to death. Thank God i found it back again.

Cried like shit watching armagaeddon. My dad's in the service too. If he ever had to sacrifice for his nation. gah. i will want my dad back):