Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Jelly just underwent her spaying on Sunday and it pains me to see my dog suffering. She's uncomfortable and can't lie down on the floor cause the pressure hurts her wound so she always fidgets around to find a spot for her to lie comfortably.

My poor baby :'(
2 weeks of recovery time to go!

Till then,

Monday, July 29, 2013


Straight hair for 8 years and i am absolutely bored with it.
Took a chance one impulsive Friday and permed large curls.

 It's a different look for me and im still taking some time to get used to it but i quite like it and have received lots of compliments for my new hairstyle! Thanks everyone! There's so much volume in my hair now and i never thought i would enjoy poofy hair but i am secretly loving it because it makes my face look smaller. 

 The curls will definitely loosen after time so im fingers crossing that it'll still look pretty awesome for my Taiwan trip. 

Till then,

Thursday, July 25, 2013


The past week was C in our series of exploring the alphabet dating experience and we were spoiled with choice with the tons of C-related things that we could do and ended up doing more than one C date. So the first C that we did over the weekend was 
1. Crafts

Because i had found lots of craft ideas for travel memorabilia that i really liked and was so inspired by them all that Tim and i went to get all our crafting supplies and promptly did up this unfinished piece of work. We included our favourite memories of our holiday trip but i regretted not collecting more interesting stuff and had to scrap hard for these few precious keepsakes.
Nevertheless, we will complete this craftwork and place it somewhere as a reminder. 

The second C thing we did was 
2. Creepy

Over the weekend, we also learnt how to make fake, gory wounds that look very creepy in real life and are planning to use them for our Halloween outfits! It was also Tim's first time meeting my dance studio family and im glad everything went well. 
Everyone approves:)

The very talented make-up artist, Michelle!

And lastly, we ended off our C date with
3. Cinema


Old school, traditional and very much still in use dating practice. 
Also, it helps that our movie was quite good in my opinion. 
Judging that i wasn't very excited to watch it in the first place, it turned out to be quite a pleasant ending to our C date.

Tim and i have also decided to add 1 more limitation to our alphabet dating experience and we're now going to budget each date to be $30 and below. It's gonna be a challenge in this money-sucking economy but i think going on these cost-efficient dates will help curb our spending ability and give a good gauge on how much interactive things we can do for a certain cost.
Hopefully we'll managed to work things out and i'll let you guys know how it goes soon:)

Till then,

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Haven't done an OOTD in the longest time because of fat body woes but i'm getting better now. 
Anyway, my house gets great views of sunsets and many a times i was so tempted to get my camera and go take pictures but you hardly get an empty corridor without people walking up and down and giving weird stares. I got lucky this time so i grabbed the camera, grabbed the dog and took a few snapshots. 

This was just a casual getup for a makeup trial that i had to go to. Love wearing ripped denims and oversized tees over the weekends since weekdays im usually dressed in office appropriate clothes. 
I am the epitome of comfort wear!
 And also really glad to say that im starting to fit into clothes that were once too tight.

Here's a candid shot of my efforts in getting my dog to look at the camera. 

It's really not easy trying to get a dog's attention.

And something about this blurred shot just catches my interest.
Didn't realize Jelly still has her sad doggy eyes.

Till then,

Monday, July 22, 2013


Image credits: STA Travel

After chancing upon this travel site with such good intentions, i'm very intrigued by their various projects and  am craving for the time, effort and finances to embark on such adventures.

Ever since my first volunteer work in distributing masks and food rations for the less needy during the haze, i am pretty much hooked. And at times, i really wish i can do so much more and give more but find myself constantly restricted by so many limitations. But finding about this makes me have an inexplicable need to just head out to one of their projects and lend a helping hand.The cost is reasonable, the duration won't require me to quit my job and the experience will be an eye-opening one for sure, be it good or bad. 

Definitely making this one of the items on my bucket list.
Hopefully i can cross it off by this year or at least next.

Till then,

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


One Sunday, our family gained a little spontaneity and decided to go explore the botanic sights of Hort Park and Henderson Waves. It was quite an expedition considering we have varying levels of activeness ranging from least active to most active. But we did it and we were rewarded with the view of the setting sun with it's iridescent rays and a good hearty dinner over at Peperoni Pizzeria who graciously allowed our dog, Jelly on their premises. 
It is absolutely torturing, tedious, frustrating to find restaurants in Singapore that allowed pets. 

I love finding hidden treasures like this rustic shophouse just tucked away in the middle of the forest and walking on bridges that seemed endless. 

Till then,

Monday, July 15, 2013

ABC Dating - B

Here's the 2nd installment to our ABC Dating Challenge that Tim and i have decided to undertake. So the basic rule is to date based on the alphabet and we would come up with various "themed" dates just to make our dates a little more interesting than usual. So far, we've done "A" last week and so naturally this week was
B for Books.

Tim was all "MEH" about the idea because he's not an avid book lover unlike me who's a super geek when it comes to fiction books. 
But am pretty glad to say that he too got fascinated with his book, 127 hours, after awhile.

Sometimes, i make him read excerpts from my books and he cannot understand how i can read romance fictions that writes "kinky stuff" referencing to a 2 page long passionate kiss or a 4 page long intimate encounter. Which is why he likes to laugh at me when i show him those inserts. 
Yes, i read books like 50 Shades of Grey and romance fictions from Julia Quinn, Susan Mallery and Lisa Kleypas. But i also enjoy my thriller stories from authors such as Tess Gerritsen and James Patterson. 
Sci-Fiction just bores me. 

Most of the time, im very grateful for this guy of mine to be so indulgent in whatever i want to do and does it without complaining. (okay, a little complaining)  Am really glad to say that even though the date wasn't what he planned from the start, we both enjoyed that quiet respite of chilling and reading away.
Cheap Thrills.

Till then,

Thursday, July 11, 2013


For Tim's birthday this year, we celebrated by flying him out to Phuket for a surprise island getaway with his elder brother and girlfriend and my elder sister and boyfriend. And the whole experience of our first time in Phuket couped with the adventures we embarked on with elephant riding, white water rafting, ATVs and cheap seafood was absolutely refreshing for the 6 of us. And very much thrilling for the "adrenaline junkies" that we were. 

Needless to say, we were all very reluctant to leave and get back to reality.

And it's literally a tradition to get these cotton singlets from Thailand

Too funny tour guide that kept calling me "Cheeky Monkey"

This time round, for my birthday travel destination, we are heading to Taiwan, the land of street eats.
My first experience wasn't too idealistic because i had food poisoning and lost my new camera the very first night. More excited for this trip since we're heading to new places to explore. 

We leave on 30 Aug (because we got a great flight deal) so that leaves us with about a month half to start planning our itinerary and sights we intend to see. 
Tim is leaving those up to me so i have to do all the heavy duty planning work. 
Just kidding baby, if you're reading this. 
I love you too:)

Till then,
Cheeky Monkey

Sunday, July 7, 2013


Last weekend, we brought our little one and my new favourite bicycle out for some sunset loving. Headed to the park opposite our place and everything in the picture was pretty darn perfect. Of course we had to perched my bicycle up a small hill to get that luscious backdrop but it was good fun with Tim, my brother and his girlfriend's company.