Monday, November 19, 2012

Getting Married no joke.
Much less being married for 26 years.
The past weekend was spent at Marina Bay Sands for a family staycation holiday celebrating my parents' 26th Wedding anniversary. Those of you who are following me on instagram(@mely135) would have seen me post a few of the crazy shots that we did.
So much fun!
A snapshot of the weekend getaway to chase my Monday blues away,
 especially since it was raining when i woke up.
More pictures coming up soon in the next post!
And also a new segment on my blog that will be easy on the eyes and cheap on the pockets :D
Till next time,
Melissa Melly Mel

Thursday, November 8, 2012

From Dead Brain Cells to Now Alive Ones. GRADUATE LO!

The only title i think sufficiently describes my studying days! Graduation day is the best, especially when you're in University because you know you'll never have to touch a single textbook, write 2500 words essays, do research and bloody use citation and referencing in your life anymore unless you choose to.
So i graduated from Murdoch University with my Degree in Communications,
 majoring in Public Relations & Journalism.
I got the degree holder look not?!
Anyway, the ceremony was held at Raffles City Convention Centre which isn't too shabby and was over before i knew it. It was mostly a catch up session with classmates that i havent seen in ages and classmates that are like crazy good friends to me, all of us decked in the same "school uniform".
Impossible to forgo pictures at this point.
Thanks to everyone who held my camera and helped me capture these great shots.
Daddy mostly :D

School days were made fun with her.

During the ceremony,
was talking to Uncle Stam if i recalled correctly.

 Professors looking spiffy!
The whole bunch of us waiting to grab that few pieces of paper.
 Grabbing my paper and go!

Group Shot with my crazy mates.
They tolerated so much of my nonsense i sincerely wonder why they are still friends with me.
Mummy and Stef.

With the people who worked hard to put me through school and provided me with a good education!

HKL Newsroom Survivors!

With the family that came down to support me!

Uncle Stam and I. Good times.
And my sister and her spastic face:)
And lastly, stealing this picture from Dodo.
We Are All Degree Holders Now!!
Till next time,
Melissa Melly Mel

Monday, November 5, 2012

Shall We Date? (Image Heavy)

The boy and i went for my birthday date on my actual day last month and we had so much fun spending time together. Met him at his place first cause i borrowed his dog to bring home and play so i had to return him.
The boy all dressed up and ready to go!
But not before we take a few snapshots of our latest baby, Melmo!

And presenting the man-eating shark dog "Mini"!
If you've followed me on instagram @melissamellymel, you probably would have seen some pictures that i've posted up there of this crazy tiny but insane dog.
And some of the tamest dog i know and love, Cooper!
 He's so obedient that even my mother who is frightfully fearful of dogs can stand to be in the same house as him.
He didnt want to tell me where we were going and surprised me by bringing me to my favourite food category ever, Italian. Those who know me should have guessed by now that im a big fan of italian food, mainly pasta. Which explains the tremendous weight gain ever since i found, tasted and craved pasta.
Fat ass my pasta please!

Looking all spiffy and carrying my camera bag for me!

So we headed off to these pasta place where they had the magnificient view of Marina Bay Sands and a cool breeze. Since we had the view and the weather was perfect, we definitely had to get the alfresco seating with tealights to just up the romantic, happy mood that we were already in.

Selected our mains and chatted while we waited for our food to come. Pardon me but i cannot for the life of me remember what exactly did we eat only that one of it was like a crabmeat pasta and the other was a meat dish. Hahah.
If you think i was smart enough to at least take a picture and show you guys, i would have to shake my head and say no. I'm just not one of those "Wait! Let me take picture first!" of every single food item i eat. Just not me. So these portion of the post is quite redundant because im going to say. "OMG you have to try the food there its really excellent!" And even with me not being a meaty person i had to admit that the meat was so good i didnt mind having second helpings.

And we managed to catch the MBS laser lights show which was so so nice. Added on to the good vibe of that day:)

Look at the boy being so engrossed!

Doing stupid faces while still waiting for our food!

The boy looking shocked. Must be something stupid that i said again.

Our food came and both presentation, service and quality of the place was really good. The ambience coupled with the company also helped made the date a little more special than usual!

If you guys are interested despite me not recommending anything,
 the italian place is called Procacci and is located at Customs House.
nearest mrt is probably: Raffles Place!
So after dinner, we decided to walk a bit to help digest our full bellies and we headed to the singapore flyer since both of us have never been there before.
Im pretty sure my opinion is the same as most other Singaporeans, but the boy and i both agreed that it was dreadfully boring. Half the time, we were just talking to each other and ignored the view outside. Still, we took photos!

Trying to be a dinosaur. RAWR!

Love this picture the boy took! though its a bit blurry :( 

Basically nothing interesting on the flyer so not much pictures about that part.
Anyways, thank you boyfr for planning everything and being such a delight to be with!
Till next time,
Melissa Melly Mel