Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sneak Peek into the Week

A picture paints a thousand words and i have a few to show right here.
Enough said.

The amount of pictures i have been taking is ridiculous.
Every corner i turn in Australia, i pretty much go (o_O) and snap a picture. 

Tourist. Pfft.

Until next time,

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

When in Freo, Take Photos

Hello, here's another quick update from the land of friendly people who mostly do not work on Sundays. I am still loving my stay here and it is now the end of Day 4 and tomorrow, something exciting beckons me and i really need to sleep soon because it will be a long and eventful day.

Had a mini gathering with my friends and they brought me to this famous fish and chip places at Freo, otherwise known as Fremantle for lunch. (Dont ask me why they call it freo) Really appreciated the sacrifices they made to spend time with me despite them being busy with school work and having exams the next day. 
Thank You Barry, Matt, Kangwei, Pei Ming & Sam!

As the title implies, i took some photos of Freo but i couldnt truly capture the beauty of the place. You really have to physically be here to understand what im gushing about.
But, i still hope these pictures can give you a sense of what to expect and enjoy if any of you ever decide to come here.

And here are my 20 reasons why i love Freo: 

1. Beautiful blue skies

2. Seagulls waiting eagerly and patiently for your food

3. Seagulls marking their territory 

4. Kaili's Fish and Chips

5. Kaili's Seafood Platter

 6. The bustling sounds of happy foodie people and country music

7. Little girls glaring at you for taking their pictures

8. Little girls posing for you and then complaining to their mothers who subsequently gives you the evil eye.

9. Scary toy babies who are seated on the table like this

10. Pretty red ferris wheel cabins

11. Lush greenery that are ideal picnic spots

12. Relaxing to a view as  magnificent as this
13. Seeing your poser friend :)

14. Seeing adrenaline-rushing cars with slightly retarded plates.

15. Heading to Freo Market for amazing finds

16. Spotting guys like this

17. Gasping at beautiful yachts

18. Cooing over wistful looking dogs

19. Walking alongside amazing sea view

20. And meeting awesome friends

So that's about the reasons why i love going to Freo. 

Until next time,

Monday, August 27, 2012

Greetings From Down Under!

I am in the glorious place of chilly weather and kangaroos right now and i am so in love with this place for the whole 2 days that i've been here. 
The weather's really perfect, the company is awesome and it's such an eye opener exploring this place, especially since this trip is my virgin experience being away on my own. 

Australia is nothing short of breath-taking picturesque places of lush greenery and beautiful blue skies and there's still so much more adventures that awaits me. 
Here's a few pictures for now. 
The internet here is a bit on the slow side so uploading these few photos were quite time consuming. Hence it's a short post.
No matter, i will update as much as i can!

 First sight upon arrival. 
5 hours in a plane is very very boring especially when you are wide awake

 The welcome party. Miss Fat Cat

All cute and fluffy!

 Childhood bestie and current room mate/tour guide, Sam!

 So suburban area i swear. 
Almost like walking onto a set on Desperate Housewives. 
A sight you hardly or never see on the sunny island we call home

 Sam and Kaitlyn aka Pei Ming

Spotted this pikachu hanging from a car. 
Wonder if it helps to give electricity... 

Speaking of pokemons, i chanced upon this individual who had charmander, squirtle and pikachu inked onto her arm. Sorry, no pictures of that, the lady was pretty damn scary.

View from the car 

We then headed to Fremantle, otherwise known as freo for the best fish and chips and meet ups with friends. I'll tell you more in the next post! 
Heading to bed now with just right temperatures that require no air con :)) #showoff

Goodnight people!

Friday, August 17, 2012

The Start of Something Amazing

My first day as a free woman and what do i do? 

Well, i caught up on my need for sleep, 
did some overdue room packing and cleaning, 
did a mini update on thy blog, 
watched cable, 
prepped for dance, 
 and headed to Gelato Cottage.
if you missed out on my post, here's the post right here

Finally, a dressed down day on a weekday! 
Dressed in my comfy tees and shorts and of course, added that much needed splash of color with my bright yellow bag. 
Where would i be without my vibrant colors?

New spot to take photos because of the amazing lighting due to the natural sunlight! The statement's a bit ironic cause the picture's in black and white but that's really cause i have itchy fingers and went to add effects to it to make it more vintage looking. 

Hahah. Who am i kidding? Pfft. -.-"

While ransacking my mother's cupboard, i found this cute notebook.

Gah! It's shaped like a sandwich and has a bite mark in it! 
That's because Yogi Bear likes to eat i think, but then again, who doesn't?

Gonna be busy preparing for my dance concert on Saturday! 
One More Day to the
Today My Life Begins Concert!!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

If You're Stressed, You Should Do this.

Stressed over school 
Stressed over household chores
Stressed over money issues
Stressed over work
So, what should you do if you're stressed?

Well as the old saying goes,
the backwards of stressed is...

So what better way to get rid of your stress than to indulge in some TLC with yummy desserts!

Proudly owned by my lucky cousin who now owns the secret to a stress free life,

Say Hello to...

Loving all the gorgeous, intricate details on the gates

The interior. 
Can you see the flowers painted on the counter?

Rows and rows of Gelato. 
All made with quality ingredients and taste awesome. 
Seriously, no kidding and im not biased.
 I have looked at how they make the tubs of gelato and they really dont scrimp and save on the ingredients. 
So all the tubs of gelato are so so flavorful. 
They also have a wide variety of flavors and the crowd's favorites by far are the 
pistachio, hazelnut, baileys, strawberry sorbet and ferrero rocher.

The price list. If you think its pricey, please dont worry. 
They are amazingly generous when it comes to scooping out the gelato.

All delicious tasting toppings! So pretty:)

If you want a little snack before or after the gelato, 
try the Cottage Pie!

Enjoying my latte!
Idk how to pose nicely with coffee so this is my best attempt.

One major thing that i love about Gelato Cottage is the little eclectic details that can be found all over the shop.

The bird cage's very special because it was used in one of my cousin's wedding to house her bird.

The vibrancy of the flowers. 
I know, i know, me and my colors.

This little corner just for family members. 
They're thinking of throwing in a carpet too to make the corner much homely and cosy.

This rows and rows of empty frames are for budding artists. 
My cousin intends to let artists display their work here for free! 
So if you ever feel proud of your work and want to display them for the public to see, you can now do so at Gelato Cottage! 

More tiny details

If you wish to drop by to Gelato Cottage to try the gelato or say 'Hi' to me
they are located at 
PoMo (formerly known as Paradiz Centre)
1 Selegie Road
B1- 04
Singapore 188306

and here are their store opening hours
 Mon - Thu: 11:00 am-9:00 pm
Fri - Sat: 11:00 am-10:00 pm
Sun: 3:00 pm-8:00 pm 

See You There!