Monday, August 6, 2012

C.Gang Movie Date & Amethystory

Hello dear readers,

Happy National Day!
I love having this public holiday for a well-deserved break and to catch up on blogging and studying for my final exam tomorrow!

Its been a frightfully long week and i am down to two more major things to do before i fly to the kangaroos and koalas at Perth! I have so much things that i want to share and update here and i will find some time this week to churn out a few posts and put them on schedule so that this blog wouldn't be a major Dull City. But bear with me in the meantime while i sort through overdue photos and past memories!

Here's some photos from a few weeks back when the C.gang went to catch Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter. It was a pretty good movie and caught my attention because i didnt fall asleep in the theater despite the fact that i was mega tired and sleeping on the way there. Yep but because these pictures are so overdued, the movie has long stopped showing in cinemas i think. So if you guys didnt catch it, its really a pity. 

The Boys (minus Jerome)

$50 note that no one wanted to take -.-"
They should have just gave it to me. 


(pardon the "shit like" position and awkward smile, i was really exhausted that day)

Its always moments like these that are so so amazing to have and feel. I need to learn how to cherish the people around me. I need to learn how to be grateful for everyone's existence in my life. 

An update on my Amethystory competition for those of you who are still unaware. I didnt win the grand trip to Korea! The winner went to Sheena Phua who did a really professional skincare like ad. To be honest, im not too disappointed by the loss because i did get second place which was a 2d1n trip to Bintan at Banyan Tree Resorts.

The picture from their webpage

I've heard that the place is so luxurious and amazing but its a pity that i wouldn't get to experience it for myself as i gave that prize to my parents to enjoy! A sort of anniversary present for them since its a romantic couple getaway place. :)

I guess i still did well in this competition, considering i am a amateur in this field but its been a great learning experience for me and im still happy with the end results despite not winning! Once again, thank you guys for voting for me during the intensive voting period where i bugged all of you once a day. I know its annoying and irritating but the love you guys have shown me really touches my heart. 
Thank You ALL!

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