Friday, August 10, 2012

Away from City Life Part 1

Finding peace away from the hustle and bustle of city life. 
These pictures were taken at Macritchie Reservoir during my first ever 12-15km trek. Surprisingly enough, i wasn't as out of shape as i thought seeing that i was still the hyper energizer bunny after the whole trek. Tsk. ADHD kid...

The weather was perfect.
The view was breathtaking and photo-worthy. 
The company was an absolute delight.
One of my fondest memories to date 
 Loved every single moment spent in the tranquility of the forests and the captivating waters. 

Pictures Pictures (Part 1)

#1- We did 12 - 15km!

 #2- Destination in Mind: HSBC Tree Top Walk

 #3 - At the starting point

#4 - Already surrounded by lush greenery and sparkling water! 

 #5 - Such a calm sunny day

#6 - Playful Monkeys 

#7 - Ball-stroking Monkey 

#8 - Crouching Monkey 

#9 - Smiling Mummy Monkey

#10 - Koala Wannabe Monkey

#11 - Swinging Monkey

#12 - Come Sit with Me Monkey

 #13 - The never ending path



 #16 - Halfway there!

 #17 - Murky Green Waters

 #18 - Ho Brothers

#19 - Still looking fresh 

#20 - More trees 

 #21 - Wasp's Nest

#22 - Giant ant and its red butt

 #23 - 1000m to our destination. 
Did i mention it was all uphill at the last km?

 #24 - Almost There

 #25 - Monitor Lizard

 #26- Looks like a leopard with its leopard preens


#28 - One Way Only 

 #29 - Reached the bridge

 #30 - Victory Picture

 #31 - The 7km trek just for a 250m long bridge

 #32 - Taken above ground

 #33 - Still clean and very new shoes. 
Shows how much i've used them since i got them about 6 months back.

#34 - Picture taking

#34 - After crossing the bridge, our victory picture

#35 - Trekkers Pose 1

#36 - Trekkers Pose 2

#37 - A little break before the trek back to civilization

The scenery was absolutely gorgeous on our way up to the tree top walk and i dont think that i captured the full beauty of nature with camera albeit i am still an amateur photographer and my photo skills are not drools worthy yet. But the photos really dont do justice. You'll just have to see it with your own eyes and basked in the environment to truly experience what im talking about.
It was my healthy activity for that week and i enjoyed it.

Thats all for part 1! Will update on part 2 soon

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