Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Back In Those Days (Long Post)

Recently, i've been watching lots of pictures and videos pop out on the different social networking sites such as this 

and i've been so inspired to do up my 90s generation stuff that i grew up with. So this is my time capsule post where i'll try to unlock some of the fun and games i had growing up.

Tamagotchi. Mine always died

Carmen Sandiago! Played this game in primary school and i absolutely loved it. Wanna buy it again but i cant seem to find it anywhere now.

Snake game. All old nokia phone users should know this game!

Nike squirt bottle! 

Spray candy! 

Old playground where it still used to be sand instead of the plastic thing they use nowadays

Country erasers. I won lots of these before.

Before facebook, we had friendster!

Super Mario duhhh.

Hopscotch. Again primary school days

Five Stones. 


Two storey pencil boxes

Pokemon the first edition with Ash, Misty, Brock and Pikachu, bulbasaur, charmander, squirtle, onyx and psyduck!

Mr Bean

Before skype it was msn!

Tom and Jerry shows. Still love watching these.


Spice Girls


Listen to these music videos! And see if you can recognise these popular songs back in the 90s!

These two below looks like porn. But its the band's official music video soooo you do the math.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Pile of "I Wants"

Some of my favorite outfits once again from I think recently im more in love with preppy chic outfits but then again my style really depends on my mood! 







Monday, March 26, 2012

Cant See Past Those Clouds

Hello guys, im back from Genting and it was a very memorable 3 days and 2 nights spent with my dancer friends. So much craziness and laughter and i was forced onto roller coasters. Not my favorite thing in the whole world! but i still did it. It wasnt as bad as the ones in USS so that's a huge sigh of relief. A sneak peek on the pictures but I'll do a proper post on Genting another time! 

So nice and cool
Group photo without hsin lei

World's fattest man

Ripley's Believe it or not museum

I am incredibly short

Quan, Rocky and Josh

Its finals week and i have presentations, assignment submissions and exams coming up so i wont be updating this space too often! But after April 18, that's the end of one trimester and by the end of September, it would be the end of my last trimester and my graduation from university. Now this is what im really uncertain about. Graduating and going into the corporate world.

Just like Genting, i cant see past those clouds of uncertainty and i cant see where im going in my life. Working as a corporate stiff? Im not so keen on that because it would mean that this is the start of the second half of my life. Going out to work for the next 30 years? My future's really uncertain and it scares me that i dont know if i am going to enjoy what i do for the next 30 years. Before now, i didnt give my future much thought because i live one day at a time and i dont plan ahead. I dont have dreams and plans all set out for myself and now im truly worried. 

Venturing out into a world unknown and full of possibilities. It excites me yet scares me. And it makes me want to run back into the safety of books and school and my current lifestyle as it is. What should i do now? Whats the first step that i need to take?

Im 22 and i have no clue.

But im just a little girl,

Friday, March 23, 2012

Aren't You Just The Prettiest Thing?

Wandered around my neighborhood one clear sunny day and i chanced upon this pretty cat!

Its so affectionate and fat. Like maybe it was pregnant or something but i thought to myself, she looks like a female Garfield, without black stripes or course. In my opinion, orange and white is a much prettier combination as compared to orange and black. For those of you who are living in a rock and do not know who or what Garfield is, this is how he looks like
This used to be my previous laptop skin in my poly days.

So, back to my pretty cat, it looks grumpy in certain pictures but it really is adorable. It kept looking up at this certain house in the building so im pretty sure the family take cares of it.  

I told you it was fat/pregnant?!

Grumpy cat.

But im just a little girl,

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Together in Holy Matrimony

I was invited for the renewal of vows by my two favorite dance instructors/friends, Larry and Michelle. Dressed in a stunning bustier gown with a lace skirt and a long train and adorned with a feather headpiece, Michelle looked like something out of a fairy tale mixed with a little Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City. The perfect combination of humble fashion together with over the top accessories, exactly her style. 
Looking pretty with her feather head piece

Stunningly long train 

Unique Flower bouquet

Larry, on the other hand looked handsome in his tuxedo suit but still added a bit of quirkiness and his personality into the outfit by pairing the look with his geeky specs.

Together, they made the perfect couple. The much envied husband and wife. 

The ceremony was simple and traditional. The wine pouring, flower throwing and "Yam-Sengs", everything that you'll expect at the wedding. There's really nothing much to say except to let the pictures do the talking. 

A picture of the dancers that were there to witness this wonderful moment between the couple. I had so much fun laughing and feeling all mushy and sentimental inside while watching the ceremony.  

Agnes, Vicky, Tabs, Xinyan, Queen Jo and I!

Jocelyn didnt wanna take a picture with me which explains my dramatically sad face!
My dance clique

It was a fun day at Raffles Town Country Club and it was awesome seeing everyone dressed up and looking good! I always have a good laugh with them especially Flamingo Tanna, the one with the pink hair, i snatched some of his photos to put it in this post. He's really good with a camera!
A pity the later on events ruin my day but looking back at this photos, i remember why it was still a good day in the end. No longer dwelling on unhappy stuff!

But im just a little girl,