Monday, March 26, 2012

Cant See Past Those Clouds

Hello guys, im back from Genting and it was a very memorable 3 days and 2 nights spent with my dancer friends. So much craziness and laughter and i was forced onto roller coasters. Not my favorite thing in the whole world! but i still did it. It wasnt as bad as the ones in USS so that's a huge sigh of relief. A sneak peek on the pictures but I'll do a proper post on Genting another time! 

So nice and cool
Group photo without hsin lei

World's fattest man

Ripley's Believe it or not museum

I am incredibly short

Quan, Rocky and Josh

Its finals week and i have presentations, assignment submissions and exams coming up so i wont be updating this space too often! But after April 18, that's the end of one trimester and by the end of September, it would be the end of my last trimester and my graduation from university. Now this is what im really uncertain about. Graduating and going into the corporate world.

Just like Genting, i cant see past those clouds of uncertainty and i cant see where im going in my life. Working as a corporate stiff? Im not so keen on that because it would mean that this is the start of the second half of my life. Going out to work for the next 30 years? My future's really uncertain and it scares me that i dont know if i am going to enjoy what i do for the next 30 years. Before now, i didnt give my future much thought because i live one day at a time and i dont plan ahead. I dont have dreams and plans all set out for myself and now im truly worried. 

Venturing out into a world unknown and full of possibilities. It excites me yet scares me. And it makes me want to run back into the safety of books and school and my current lifestyle as it is. What should i do now? Whats the first step that i need to take?

Im 22 and i have no clue.

But im just a little girl,

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