Monday, March 5, 2012

My First Shot at Stardom and the Secret to Being Cool!

Hello! I am back from exams! Midterms are over and its time to relax a little! Anyway, for once in my life, i was part of a local movie, obviously as an extra, but i realized something. FILMING IS VERY VERY VERY HARD WORK for everybody involved in the production of a film.

I know thats what everyone always says but unless you experience it for yourself, its impossible to truly comprehend how much work goes into filming. A new found respect for all crews in the film industry. 

So i got to meet the famous young stars from the cast of Mediacorp's drama On the Fringe, as well as veteran actor, Li Nanxing. He is so enthusiastic and charming. For an old guy. Here's a short video taken by my dance instructor, Larry. We were supposed to be dancers watching a battle which turned into a physical fight. They used body doubles/stunt men for some of the main actors

No photography was allowed. But im rebellious like that. :P

Can you spot your local actors?

Behind the scenes

Spot Li Nanxing!

Dancer extras, Xinyan and June

Larry, Lindy and Xinyan

Elizabeth! She's so sweet and nice

Our group shot with Li Nanxing

It was a relatively tiring day from 9 to 4 but its a once in a lifetime experience! I dont regret doing this at all and i would do it all over again if i had the chance too. 

While acting, the weather was so erratic, there was rain and sun and then light drizzle with sun and because of that, i turned out so sticky and sweaty and i was grossed out to touch myself. So i went and got my trusty GATSBY FACIAL PAPER to clean up the dirt and grime and keep myself cool and refreshed! There is alcohol used in the paper to provide the cooling sensation. Although i have sensitive skin, the alcohol does not affect me at all but for those of you who have sensitive skin, you may want to be cautious about this product and try it out first!

But i am just a little girl,


  1. Thank you gavin! Lets continue dancing alright. My midterms are over!!