Monday, March 19, 2012

A Slob I Am, Green Eggs and Ham

I am a certified slob. Its almost like once i enter my room door, a tornado sweeps in. Obviously i am the tornado. I leave my things lying everywhere. Thrown on my table, my bed and my chair. Then every once in a while, i get sick of being a slob and hate the mess that i find time to start tidying everything up and throw out all unwanted and redundant stuff. Clean up my table, pack my bed and clear the clothes off my chair. When that's all done, i wonder how long will the neatness last and how long will i keep up with this behavior?

Bread and juice for energy to attack the mess!

My table, this is a little neat already

In the midst of arranging

The end product, not very neat still but i cleared lots of stuff off my table and into my cupboards!

So 1 day later, it becomes like this.. Its true, im really am a certified slob. 


Trailer of the movie

Anyone seen this movie yet? It spots quite a star studded cast as voice overs such as Taylor Swift, Zac Efron and Betty White! I never watched a Dr Seuss movie before but i did read the Green Eggs and Ham book when i was young. Quite intrigued by this movie about the environment and the trailer is cute! Of course, it is from the creators of Despicable Me, the one cartoon movie my dad actually paid to watch and actually liked and laughed at it. Remember those minions?

and this little girl?

Ah, totally love the show! So, i might be tempted to watch the Lorax! Anyone has any reviews on the shows yet? Let me know!

But im just a little girl, 


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    1. HAHAH. i take it you're a fan too!

    2. hahah yessss. it's much better and healthier than the vitaminized water :)