Wednesday, March 14, 2012

No Gray Hairs Yet

This is me, at 21 in a secondary school uniform. Apparently i still look young enough to pass off as one.

So while im still young at 22 and in my prime, here is some very fun memories of my past when i did so much stupid stuff. Looking back now, it really brings about good laughs.

1. In K2, I won a spitting match between two other guys. But i won by default, because i didnt realized that my mum was standing behind me, and those losers ran away. Damn, i thought i was a good spitter.

2.When i was 10, I pushed a boy down the stairs because he made fun of me. He went to the hospital.

3. In Raffles Girls Primary, i used to pull down all the girls' PE shorts and stomp on their school shoes because it was whiter than mine.

4. i prank called 999 anonymously a couple of times and it was fun until they decided to call back.

5. I was a ah lian wannabe for the first two years of my secondary school life.

6. I then became bisexual for the next two years :x (experimental phrase)

7. I dated a guy who later went to jail for sex with a minor (no, its not me)

8. I took Chinese medicine to help me grow tall and get fat and it got me to this size today. Imagine what i would have become without it?

9. I shit in my pants during tuition class and ran away embarrassed to death. Never went back to it ever again.

10. When i was 8, I poured my heart and soul out in singing and dancing..... in the bathroom. And the result was i slipped and hit my head against the toilet bowl. Had my hair chopped off and got stitches.


  1. I did No 4 on your list too & they called back. x_x

    1. Its so embarrassing OMG. My parents didnt let me near a phone for days!