Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Same Height, Different Look

I think i've mentioned that some of my favourite fashion inspirations are from Seaofshoes and DailyLook and well sometimes its a little hard to match what the models are wearing cause they're you know, models, and are tall and skinny and everything fits them perfectly and its just hard for someone like me whose basically a dwarf to pull off the same look without looking ridonkulous. 

But then, i recently chanced upon this new blog and i am so loving the blogger's style which she describes as tom-boyish as she's really into shirts, pants and blazers. What makes it all that more perfect is she's exactly the same height as me! 4'11" (150cm).

So now, i can get a better idea of what fits me better without overwhelming my frame and weighing myself down. I like her simplistic preppy dressing with pants and blazers but sometimes her buttoned down top and jeans combination is so easy and wearable even in Singapore that i definitely have to give it a try!

Here's some pictures of outfits that i love taken from Alterations Needed
All picture credits belong to the blog owner of Alterations Needed.







I dont know she just doesnt seem as short as i feel. In fact she looks rather tall and lanky and im so damn amazed by whatever she does. What sorcery is this?! Besides posting some of her outfits, her site also involves some fun tips and tricks for petite ladies. 
I like reading some of these articles,

1) Faking Fit

2) The Secrets My High Heels are Hiding

3) Why Clothing Fits Celebrities and Not you

Go on, give it a read, you just might like it too.

PS: For those of you whose curious about the competition i've joined, my final product review is up on Amethystory's FaceBook page so head on over to check it out and laugh at me if you must:)

Till then,

Monday, July 23, 2012

Guess Whose Back?

Back from a really long and crazy month of July where i've been so swamped with work and school that i haven't had any time to update my blog. I admit its getting hard to strike a balance between work, school and having time for a social life but July/August has and will be very busy months for me because i have so many commitments going on at the same time such that everything's over crashing and im feeling a bit overwhelmed. Its the first time my schedule book is filled to the brim even before the month starts and im always adding on additional dates and canceling and rescheduling other appointments. 

I just need to hold on till the month of August then its party and relax time. 

Anyway, Remember the Amethystory competition that i participated in? The top 5 contestants had to do a creative product review for a product of their choice so i did a video review for their Mineral Aqua Gel!

Here's some behind the scene photos 

I think they're slowly releasing the contestants' work so you'll be able to view my final product on their facebook page. So far, Mildred and Cassandra's work have been released so check it out on facebook! For mine, I dont think its my best work cause it was a bit rushed for me to complete it on time and to ensure that the video was within 1 minute. But i tried my best and results will be released this friday, 27th July 2012! 

Keeping my fingers crossed!

Gotta get back to my work now.
Till next time:)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

What Is The World Coming To?

Recently, there have been so many cases of really disturbing behavior that has been happening all around us. Its almost like a trend how everyday there has to be some sighting of someone being inconsiderate or ill mannered. Just look at and im sure you can find plenty and plenty of incidents and articles to support what im saying right now.

But recently, social media has helped to shine a spotlight onto those inconsiderate commuters or rude uncouth members on society.

 Im sure no one has forgotten the Alex Ong incident when he pushed an old lady down the bus because she pressed the bell too late.

Or the MRT ahlian incident when a middle aged lady started berating a lady for giving up her seat too late

And this incident where this pregnant lady accidentally spilled a few splatters of soup on a man and he ended up punching and kicking her.

And this man who masturbated on the MRT

I could go on forever but i'll limit it to these few case studies. Oh man, seeing the man and the bird is seriously disturbing and disgusting to be featured on my blog. If some of you feel offended, let me know and i'll take it down immediately.

My mother also told me about this incident that happened at tampines mall foodcourt about a month back. This middle aged lady came into the foodcourt and asked the cleaner to clear her table. The cleaner, being busy with another table told her that she would clear it later and proceeded to finish clearing the table that she was at. So this middle aged lady was unhappy about it and decided to put all the dirty dishes on the floor and when the cleaner came back, she told the middle aged lady that she shouldnt have put the dishes on the floor because its unhygienic and that her manager would scold her. The middle aged lady then started scolding the cleaner. Long story short, when the cleaner went back to her station and told her friend that the lady scolded her, the middle aged lady unhappy that the cleaner complained to her friend, came over and punched the cleaner in the face. Mind you, the cleaner was about 76 years old. 
Who the hell punches a 76 years old woman?
WTF seriously?

My point is, whats wrong with society nowadays? Is our people getting too stressed out in this competitive society or is this how its going to be from now on? Resorting to violence and vulgarities if things dont go our way? Im sure there have been cases such as these previously but now that the media spotlight has been shown and these cases have been brought to light, it just portrays a very disturbing side to people. And i mean mankind in general, not just Singapore. 
Is social conduct and etiquette no longer required in our world that people take no notice or have no regard for their own behavior? 

I believe each individual is responsible for their own actions and perhaps for all i know, these people might have been pushed to their breaking point/limit before resorting to such drastic means. Or maybe they are of an unsound mind. 

No matter what, it cannot conceal the fact that there is an ugly side to humanity and how obvious that ugly side is now becoming.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Smiling Must Be Such A Chore

It never fails to amaze me how friendships are so easily forged after one simple encounter. Things such as working for an event together brought me this bunch of amazingballs people whom i call my friends and have come to cherish and have fun together.

The times that we had were memorable
and the times that we'll come to have will too be memorable

It was Everything With Fries Day one random Sunday evening with these bunch of people at Holland Village to scout for good food and eye pretty ladies for the boys of course. They need their daily dosage of xmms and eye candies to survive.

ZZ, Jerome and Xenia

CC and I, whose just raring to eat his damn cheeseburger.

It was my first experience with EWF even though it opened like ages ago and i had the teriyaki chicken sandwich with skinny garlic and herb fries. It was quite delectable with the balanced proportions of chicken, salad and fries and was priced at $11.90 i think.
 Considered a good feat already cause recently, i've been trying food that are overpriced and not up to standard:( Super waste money only.

 Looking at this now makes me hungry! 

Group Picture!

The guys were quite upset cause EWF replaced all their xmms with male staff or old staff. So we headed to Daily Scoop for dessert and lo and behold! Pretty young things were sitting outside Daily Scoop giggling and chatting away. I tell you, cc got so excited he started combing whatever hair he had. Which is quite pathetic if you were observant enough in the above photo.

Once again, it was my first experience at Daily Scoop and we had the brownie with lychee martini ice cream and waffle with macadamia nut ice cream. The lychee martini ice cream is so good! The alcohol taste isn't strong at all for those of you who are worried about it!
 Go try go try!

ZZ did this when i asked him to tilt his head to be closer to Xenia in the picture.

And then he showed off his manly big guns. 

Jerome and CC

Xenia and I

With the exception of Jerome, the other two guys fail at smiling. You'll see what i mean later on

 Group Picture once more! See cc and zz's constipated smile?

Can you see CC putting in so much effort to smile?

At least ZZ has considerable improvement

Omg i love this picture of us. 
But i seriously need to teach those guys how to smile properly!

 Ending off with this epic, gangster, ahbeng feel photo of ZZ

Melissa :)

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Not Everyone Comes and Goes

You know those people where you sometimes dont see for a very long period of time and then suddenly you guys meet up and everything still falls into place like the years and months hasn't gone by and you pick up from where you left off and there's no awkward silence or mundane chit chat? Those people who you can totally goofed around with and laugh about every silly thing that someone says or do without ever feeling embarrassed? Yep, im talking about those people who you hold close to you and enjoy every single moment with but still somehow lose contact at some point of time. 

Some of my favorite people are my cousins. We occasionally do a meetup here and there or see each other at family gatherings and i love how we can always pick up from where we left off and communicate easily with one another. 

This time, we headed over to Fullhouse at Rendezvous Hotel for dinner! Such a quirky themed place and i really love what they did to the place with all the decorations and trinkets here and there  and mantelpiece displays. Imo it was quite interesting to go there.  Sadly the food wasnt that amazing but i quite liked my vongole aglio olio! A very different style of how its usually cooked but delicious all the same. 

My cousins, Sam, Abi, Sheryl and Me.
 Im actually the oldest among all of them but im also the shortest and most childish looking one

With this fountain/wishing well place

My Vongole Aglio Olio!

They even had a mini retail shop that sold clothes and accessories

I look damn retarded

Their tiny vintage car outside their bar

I actually posed with the teacup that contained tea that tasted like warm water. 
Which cost like $6.90

One final shot with the cousins at this bird cage display inside the shop. My eyes cant be seen wtf

I absolutely love them. And one thing's for sure, my cousins got my back just like i've got theirs. Nobody gets to screw with them and get away with it without suffering the wrath of the other 3. Im pretty darn serious. Still remember the time when we went to club together and there were guys on the dance floor trying to make a move on sheryl and i cause we were the shorter ones and abi just came in and cut in and blatantly told those losers that we werent interested or something along those lines. (my memory fails me cause it was some time back) 

That fierce protectiveness that all of us have towards each other. 
Its a bond that we share as cousins and will always share.