Thursday, July 5, 2012

What Is The World Coming To?

Recently, there have been so many cases of really disturbing behavior that has been happening all around us. Its almost like a trend how everyday there has to be some sighting of someone being inconsiderate or ill mannered. Just look at and im sure you can find plenty and plenty of incidents and articles to support what im saying right now.

But recently, social media has helped to shine a spotlight onto those inconsiderate commuters or rude uncouth members on society.

 Im sure no one has forgotten the Alex Ong incident when he pushed an old lady down the bus because she pressed the bell too late.

Or the MRT ahlian incident when a middle aged lady started berating a lady for giving up her seat too late

And this incident where this pregnant lady accidentally spilled a few splatters of soup on a man and he ended up punching and kicking her.

And this man who masturbated on the MRT

I could go on forever but i'll limit it to these few case studies. Oh man, seeing the man and the bird is seriously disturbing and disgusting to be featured on my blog. If some of you feel offended, let me know and i'll take it down immediately.

My mother also told me about this incident that happened at tampines mall foodcourt about a month back. This middle aged lady came into the foodcourt and asked the cleaner to clear her table. The cleaner, being busy with another table told her that she would clear it later and proceeded to finish clearing the table that she was at. So this middle aged lady was unhappy about it and decided to put all the dirty dishes on the floor and when the cleaner came back, she told the middle aged lady that she shouldnt have put the dishes on the floor because its unhygienic and that her manager would scold her. The middle aged lady then started scolding the cleaner. Long story short, when the cleaner went back to her station and told her friend that the lady scolded her, the middle aged lady unhappy that the cleaner complained to her friend, came over and punched the cleaner in the face. Mind you, the cleaner was about 76 years old. 
Who the hell punches a 76 years old woman?
WTF seriously?

My point is, whats wrong with society nowadays? Is our people getting too stressed out in this competitive society or is this how its going to be from now on? Resorting to violence and vulgarities if things dont go our way? Im sure there have been cases such as these previously but now that the media spotlight has been shown and these cases have been brought to light, it just portrays a very disturbing side to people. And i mean mankind in general, not just Singapore. 
Is social conduct and etiquette no longer required in our world that people take no notice or have no regard for their own behavior? 

I believe each individual is responsible for their own actions and perhaps for all i know, these people might have been pushed to their breaking point/limit before resorting to such drastic means. Or maybe they are of an unsound mind. 

No matter what, it cannot conceal the fact that there is an ugly side to humanity and how obvious that ugly side is now becoming.

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  1. the ugly truth about singaporeans nowadays.
    all the more it makes me want to stay in perth