Sunday, July 1, 2012

Not Everyone Comes and Goes

You know those people where you sometimes dont see for a very long period of time and then suddenly you guys meet up and everything still falls into place like the years and months hasn't gone by and you pick up from where you left off and there's no awkward silence or mundane chit chat? Those people who you can totally goofed around with and laugh about every silly thing that someone says or do without ever feeling embarrassed? Yep, im talking about those people who you hold close to you and enjoy every single moment with but still somehow lose contact at some point of time. 

Some of my favorite people are my cousins. We occasionally do a meetup here and there or see each other at family gatherings and i love how we can always pick up from where we left off and communicate easily with one another. 

This time, we headed over to Fullhouse at Rendezvous Hotel for dinner! Such a quirky themed place and i really love what they did to the place with all the decorations and trinkets here and there  and mantelpiece displays. Imo it was quite interesting to go there.  Sadly the food wasnt that amazing but i quite liked my vongole aglio olio! A very different style of how its usually cooked but delicious all the same. 

My cousins, Sam, Abi, Sheryl and Me.
 Im actually the oldest among all of them but im also the shortest and most childish looking one

With this fountain/wishing well place

My Vongole Aglio Olio!

They even had a mini retail shop that sold clothes and accessories

I look damn retarded

Their tiny vintage car outside their bar

I actually posed with the teacup that contained tea that tasted like warm water. 
Which cost like $6.90

One final shot with the cousins at this bird cage display inside the shop. My eyes cant be seen wtf

I absolutely love them. And one thing's for sure, my cousins got my back just like i've got theirs. Nobody gets to screw with them and get away with it without suffering the wrath of the other 3. Im pretty darn serious. Still remember the time when we went to club together and there were guys on the dance floor trying to make a move on sheryl and i cause we were the shorter ones and abi just came in and cut in and blatantly told those losers that we werent interested or something along those lines. (my memory fails me cause it was some time back) 

That fierce protectiveness that all of us have towards each other. 
Its a bond that we share as cousins and will always share.  

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