Sunday, March 31, 2013

Memories that will last for a lifetime

So over the weekend, Tim and i decided, well mostly me, to do a photo op with our latest acquired member, Jelly. To make things a little different, i decided that we should all "dress up". Remembering that i had a bunch of kigurumi suits (animal pajamas) stored in my cupboard and a ducky costume that we bought for her, we pretty much had it all set up!

Trust me, its not easy to get a dog to sit still and pose for us let alone our camera shy puppy but i think the photos turned out great! Fiddled around with my new 50mm lens too and loving the effect though i still need to work on my focusing skills.

Poor elephant suit was too small for Tim he couldnt even button it up!

Ending off with a picture of the two favourite things in my life.

Till then,

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Settling Down with my Mood Board

As a young adult at 18, i've never given much thought to my life as i grow up. I mean sure i've occasionally thought about what i would name my children, how many children i would have
(Being as fickle minded as i am, my kids' names have progressively changed until i have no single clue on what to name them and whether their first letters should be the same.)
but anything beyond that was nada, zilch.

Back at 18, all i could think about was get my diploma, play harder and do whatever i want since i'm still young and legal. And after my diploma, get my degree.
That was my future planned out for me.
Simple enough right?

And as time whizzes by and crazily enough, i am no longer the young adult that i am, studying for my qualifications. Suddenly, my diploma is done, my degree is done and now at the ripe old age of 23, im out in the corporate world working, reading family blogs, looking at apartments and talking about the big M word, Marriage.

 Mind-fucked i tell you. 

It's amazing what 5 years can do to change you. All your beliefs, thoughts and opinions have changed into this revolving urge to "Settle Down" plus a little bit of maternal instincts here and there.

I blame the internet for indulging me in my urges to settle down. Because there are proposal videos floating around on Facebook week after week after week. And reality series like "Say Yes To The Dress" on Youtube and bloggers getting married(Qiuting, Velda) and even getting pregnant (Xiaxue). And with friends constantly talking about the BTOs and their houses it's really no surprise that im as influenced as i am now. 

But complaints aside, i really am looking around at houses. Not those teeny tiny BTOs  but executive maisonettes. And i am so tempted to purchase the house while property prices are still reasonable i guess without exorbitant COVs but obviously, that is not an option at this moment. 
But a girl can still dream, and this is my mood board that i can keep for future references!

All image credits: Home and Decor

So thats it for now!
I'll come back with more inspirations for my mood board soon:)

Till then,

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Making A Statement

Everything in fashion is all about making a statement. Wearing a printed top, a feather skirt , gorgeous shoes or even carry a iconic bag, something will always stand out in your outfit. 
So why not turn the attention to your feet with these Alberto Guardini statement heels that I've very recently discovered? I am truly a slow learner in the fashion world but hey! better late than never. Launched in 2010, these two extremely creative shoes are absolutely to die for since i am a sucker for anything that fits my feet and looks different, i am going crazy for them!
Feast your eyes on these babies!
Known for their interchangeable "Lipstick heels", these shoes are a perfect mix for beautiful fashionistas!

*Image credits to their respective owners

And this is their "Flutterby Shoe" 
Interesting right!
 I love how the heel is such a statement piece when you're walking and it's almost, very almost like you can achieve the feeling of "flying" with those wings.
Will you guys wear these funky shoes out and make a fashion statement?
Till then,

Monday, March 25, 2013

Beauty Just The Way You Want It

With modern technology, the sky's the limit with whatever you want to change. Every aspect of your body, face can be altered to the results you desire. Gone are the traditional taboo mindset of plastic surgery and say hello to a new generation where teenagers are getting surgical procedures for their birthday and everyone is looking flawless and seemingly perfect. 

It doesn't matter what your reasons are for undergoing the surgical procedures, but as i've stressed in my previous post, doing your research is the most important thing to ensure that you understand all the pros and cons and have the knowledge of what you are doing and how it is done.

To give you a better idea, here's some useful articles on commonly done procedures in plastic surgery and your must-know information!

1) Common Myths of Botox

2) Choosing Dermal Fillers or Botox according to your face area

3) To Cut or Not to Cut (Great for us Asians)

4) The Fat Comes Back in Weird Places After Lipo

5) Breast Enhancement Options for Athletic Women

6) Cosmetic Surgery Is Not Just Skin Deep

7) In The Name Of Vanity

8) How to Cheat with The Powerful Tool Of Illusion

9) Chin Implant or Fillers

10) Most Wanted Facial Features

Have a great time reading and learning more!

Till then,

Friday, March 22, 2013

Finding The Need To Do So Much More

I wish i could do more for my blog. 
Add in more interesting content,
post up amazing pictures,
Or be more creative.

As much as i want to keep my blog more entertaining, i am however limited by my time and energy and after 8-9 hours of staring into a computer for 5 days straight. The last thing i want to do is go home and stare at the computer some more. Or send my precious weekends doing that.
I rather much spend that time sleeping. 

But my blog, while i love for it to be a source of reading materials to others, i do remember that i created this blog ultimately for myself.

And one cannot be lazy when documenting the happenings in her life, no matter how mundane, boring or ridiculous it seems. Because every single part of  life is a learning step, a memory, a cherished moment that somehow makes it impossible not to create a great looking post with gorgeous photos, emulative text and emotions to go with it.
Cause its either go all the way or don't go at all.

I will work harder for my blog.

Till then,

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Catwalk for Water

I've been rushing home diligently after work for the past few week because i now have a daughter at home that i'm so excited to see, care and play with. Even my weekends are spend indoors spending tons of quality time for her hence there hasn't been any outdoor shoots, any regular updates that i've deprived my blog for so long. 

Say hello to my baby!

It's been an exciting two weeks having her around and i am quite contented with lesser time outdoors. However, im not completely hiding in my home and yesterday, i attended a charity event by Aveda. Named Catwalk for Water, this event aims to raise funds to provide clean,drinkable water for the needy. Their recent project was constructing a well for a village in Madagascar where the villagers had to travel a long distance for crocodile infested waters that were unhygienic for consumption. 

My OOTD for work and the event.

It was also my first time wearing my new Maybelline lipstick out. Was quite hesitant about teeth stains or how it would look but i really love it!
Additionally, was so happy that i received so many compliments on the great looking color from my colleagues. The application of the product is extremely easy with it's smooth and creamy texture and it was quite long lasting as per my knowledge of lipsticks goes since I only reapplied it once after enjoying the dinner buffet provided. 
For those of you interested, i'm wearing the Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Color in Very Cherry. Retailing at $20+. 
Super affordable for a great product.

Highlights of the fashion show. 
Blurry photos due to usage of a phone camera plus i went to sit in the back. 
Outfits were made using recyclable materials.

And after the entire event, this was what's left of my lipstick. The color's still perfectly staying on without any creases or teeth stains. Awesome! Will definitely try the other shades in the range since this one is a two thumbs up for me.

Till then,

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Subjective Beauty

I always strongly believe that beauty is subjective.

While we are all unique in our looks, there will most definitely be an aspect of our features that appeal and attract to others. No one is born ugly, because everyone is beautiful to whoever sees you. Love is blind, remember? Truly beautiful people in my opinion are 
Emma Stone, Zac Efron and Victoria Secrets Angels, Candice and Miranda.

But not everyone can be satisfied with their natural genetics, and we women always strive to attain perfection, attain superstar gorgeous looks and are willing to go to extremes for it. This is where aesthetic clinics and plastic surgeons step in. With their skills and knives, they contour your being to exactly how you wanted it to be. 
Smaller hips, fuller lips, v-shaped face, skinnier arms, the entire nine yards. 
I mean it sounds relatively easy isn’t it? Just pay a sum of money and get the exact look you desire. 
Famous bloggers Qiuting, Xiaxue, Peggy Heng and Rachel tan did it and so many more…. 

If it was up to me, this is what I would do

1) Create a more V-shaped face
2) Lipo the stubborn fats  out of my arms, tummy and thighs,
3)Widen my eyes
4)Get knee implants
5)Reduce my double chin
6)Teeth whitening
7)Get rid of my dark eye circles and eye bags

There are methods that can help you achieve your definition of beauty and one such way is plastic surgery. However, with surgical procedures comes risk, pain and tons of recovery time. 
So what do you do? 
Not a problem to truly motivated women. 
Not an obstacle to medical breakthroughs. 
Let’s introduce non-invasive procedures that can achieve the same desired effects without the risks that come with surgical procedures. 
Botox, fillers and radio frequency technology etc.

In an article by Myfatpocket, I was intrigued to realised that facial aesthetics can do wonders for you besides looking drop dead gorgeous. Did you know that certain products such as botox and dermal fillers can help to stimulate a relaxed, rejuvenated and a more youthful appearance? Bet you didn’t know that!

Many a times, I myself have considered such procedures, I mean with my long list of complaints as seen above, I’ve certainly had my fair share of research on certain methods. But whereas Google can be your best friend, Google can also contain misleading information posted by strangers. And this information can be vital to your decision to go ahead with a procedure. What I really needed in my constant searching for valuable truthful information on aesthetic beauty was a site that could “know it all”. 
That’s when Aesthetic Hub came

A website with access to information on a wide variety of topics ranging from your face to body to legs, all informative, all accurate.
To give you a better insight, videos on certain procedures are shown for reference and if you do decide to go ahead with the procedure, a list of clinic profiles is ready at your fingertips for comparison.  

There are so many ways one can benefit from aesthetic procedures and besides the physical aspect, certain things like rectifying droopy eyes can help to do wonders to a person's look. Additionally, people who have undergo such procedures are bound to be more self-confident about themselves and love themselves more
So what are you waiting for? Check out Aesthetic Hub today!