Thursday, March 21, 2013

Catwalk for Water

I've been rushing home diligently after work for the past few week because i now have a daughter at home that i'm so excited to see, care and play with. Even my weekends are spend indoors spending tons of quality time for her hence there hasn't been any outdoor shoots, any regular updates that i've deprived my blog for so long. 

Say hello to my baby!

It's been an exciting two weeks having her around and i am quite contented with lesser time outdoors. However, im not completely hiding in my home and yesterday, i attended a charity event by Aveda. Named Catwalk for Water, this event aims to raise funds to provide clean,drinkable water for the needy. Their recent project was constructing a well for a village in Madagascar where the villagers had to travel a long distance for crocodile infested waters that were unhygienic for consumption. 

My OOTD for work and the event.

It was also my first time wearing my new Maybelline lipstick out. Was quite hesitant about teeth stains or how it would look but i really love it!
Additionally, was so happy that i received so many compliments on the great looking color from my colleagues. The application of the product is extremely easy with it's smooth and creamy texture and it was quite long lasting as per my knowledge of lipsticks goes since I only reapplied it once after enjoying the dinner buffet provided. 
For those of you interested, i'm wearing the Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Color in Very Cherry. Retailing at $20+. 
Super affordable for a great product.

Highlights of the fashion show. 
Blurry photos due to usage of a phone camera plus i went to sit in the back. 
Outfits were made using recyclable materials.

And after the entire event, this was what's left of my lipstick. The color's still perfectly staying on without any creases or teeth stains. Awesome! Will definitely try the other shades in the range since this one is a two thumbs up for me.

Till then,

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