Monday, March 4, 2013

Bloody Lips & Fat Hips

Met up with my ex colleagues at Antoinette for Kelly's birthday celebration! The outlet at Palais Renaissance has a more Garden of Eden theme as compared to the outlet at Mandarin Gallery. Food tasted way nicer too. Here's several partials of my outfit for that day. Like 4 different snippets of the same outfit but you can never view it in one shot because somewhere somehow, something's always covered. Opps.
Anyway, I think any chance i get, i will jump into those tiger shorts of mine that i absolutely adore. The cutting, print and i dont know the whole thing just appeals to me. 

All these weekend foodie hunts with friends and family is throwing lots of weight to my oversized hips :( 

Top: Uniqlo
Tiger Shorts: Blogshop Empire
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbells Cleata
Bag: Random shop 

And after much deliberation, i took the plunge and got a... red lipstick. No big deal to the makeup gurus but for someone who doesn't like to apply much gunk on her lips except for lip balm, red lipstick is a huge step. And i've realized three things about wearing red lipstick

1) I cant seem to smile in it. 
It's like that shade of red dictates me to not smile and show my teeth and just look uhm. cool. 
So my first ever no smiling picture. Cousins and i all donning that sexy red. 
Looks best on Sheryl (Far right) cause she's the fairest.

2) It is an ass to remove
It makes me look like a clown when i try to remove it or like i ate a bowl of spicy soup with extra chilli padi, belachan and my lips are swollen as a result. Not cool.

3) It smudges so easily and is crazy obvious
The very first 5 minutes of wearing it, and my teeth had already gotten a huge stain on my front teeth. Something like this but not too exaggerated. But then i had to constantly wonder if my lipstick was smudging. And I promptly went to the toilet to remove it after approx 5 minutes. 

Cons aside, having red lips is pretty cool and i like how i look in it despite it all. 
Will probably try it again sometime soon:)

Till then,

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