Monday, March 4, 2013

Nothing is Perfect

Nothing is perfect. 
Everything and everybody is flawed in one way or another because 
that's just how the way we are. 
And people are entitled to their individual perspectives, 
no matter how different their perspectives may be from others.
 Just like how some people value appearances more and personality less while others may be vice-versa.

 But i guess what really irks me is that when there are some that impose their opinions, their views on others. And by that i mean strongly,  man-handled, shove it down your throat kind of impose.
Like they are right all the time, every time and if you didn't think, react or feel the same way as them, then you will always and forever be WRONG.
We may not see eye to eye on the same thing but as much as i understand and respect that you have your own opinions, it might be nice if you could understand and respect mine. What is important to you is not that important to me.
Sorry people, just ranting.

How many of you have ever met such "I'm always right" people in your life?

Till then,

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