Friday, March 1, 2013

Counting Down: 8 Days

Just 8 more days before this sweet baby comes home with me.
(Puppy on the right)
So excited at the thought of welcoming a new family member into our house but i know the process of training her is going to be a long hard road. 

I've done tons of research and figured out what i need to prepare so for first time dog owners like me, i've made your life easier by compiling an essential list of items that you need.

Basic Things You Need
1) Crate/Kennel
2) Dog Bowl
3) Water Bowl
4) Collar/ Leash
5) Dry food
6) Chew Toys (For teething pups)
7) Treats
8) Pee Tray
9) Shampoo 
10) Slicker Brush
11) Dental Chew
12) Odor Control Spray
13) Blanket/Towel

I've also bought other things that are optional such as pee pads (you can use newspapers if you want), apple cider vinegar(good for their skin/fur), ear solution (to prevent the risks of ear infections) and a play pen fence to give her more space to run around when i'm not home. I think that's about it. I probably missed out a few stuff here and there but at the moment, this is all that i remember. 

Till then,

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