Sunday, May 19, 2013


So it's been almost 2 weeks since my last update and back then i weighed in at 43.3kg. You do know that happiness you feel upon seeing your figures drop on the scale? Especially the one where it drops to a number that you've stopped seeing since what 5 years ago? Yeah, it was pretty exhilarating to see it go down, down, down.... but all those was water weight. 
If you want to know more, read here

Unfortunately for me, my weight has been pretty stagnant for the entire past week. Am currently stuck at 42.8kg because i've hit a weight loss plateau. If you're like me and suddenly stopped losing weight even though you've been keeping to your exercise and diet routines, here may be some reasons why.

1. You may have unknowingly slacken off your diet/exercise 
Perhaps you've stopped being so strict with your calories or skipped that one gym session. Every tiny detail counts. Go back to that overbearing, super anal self you were about your food and exercise.

2. You have been losing fat but gaining muscle mass
That could be why your weight still remains the same and the best explaination as to why my weight is still constant now. How to realize if you've been gaining muscle is to look at your fat percentage and muscle percentage.  If your fat mass decreases and muscles mass increases, you'll know the reason why.

3. You're not eating enough
If you're more active but have yet to increase your food intake to suit your current healthy lifestyle, your body may be holding on to your fat and keeping you from losing those excess weight.

4. Your body is adapting to your routine
Our body is actively changing to suit our needs and might have started adapting to your current lifestyle hence it is not burning as much calories as it should be. Try switching up your exercise routine and incorporating new frequencies and duration. 

Hope this helps you guys!

Will be back to update with any more progress on my part:)
Till then,

Monday, May 13, 2013

National Geographic Free Pet Shop Pt 1

Went down to the National Geographic's Channel dog adoption drive 2 Sundays back and my family tagged along with me for some good old fashioned cycling at East Coast Park. I think i must have spammed like a crazy amount of photos, practically going gaga over all the dogs and the scenery so i have to split that day into 2 parts. 

5 animal shelters were present at the drive and there were so many dogs, activities and freebies that day. Cute little dogs with "Adopt Me" bandanas tied around their neck and super manja ones that just kept rolling on the ground for treats. I like to think that even if all the shelter dogs weren't adopted, at least they had fun being out on that windy day (albeit the slight drizzle for awhile) and romping around in the grass and of course, smelling new butts. 

Jelly herself made a lot of new friends and was quite a butt sniffer. She was pretty daring for a first timer being around so many other dogs both huge and tiny and it was definitely an eye opening experience having dogs at your every sight. Even my mum whose deathly afraid of Singapore specials or other dogs in general made a valiant effort to trudge through the adoption drive and check it out.

For good fun, we pinned a flower on her which she absolutely hates but attracted tons of attention from passer-bys.  

Let all the pictures do the talking:)

First time to ECP

My brother had to stop that lazy girl from lying down.

One of the friendly, gentle giants that didn't scare her off. 

Made a new friend in the wind. 

Daddy with his little girl and two very random spoil picture strangers.

This was so cute. 
2 toy poodles with 1 minature poodle. Look at that size difference!
It's mouth is muzzled so it looks like it's wearing a mask. 

A very photogenic maltese

Cute "Adopt Me" Bandanas

Omg i have to tell you about this super gorgeous pom with a thick, luscious coat that literally swishes when it walks. Swish left, swish right, swish left, swish right and it was such a gentle fluid motion.
 Too mesmerizing!

Singapore specials wanting a treat. 
Spot the center, most manja one.

Ending off with this ridiculous picture of my Hawaiian baby.

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Thursday, May 9, 2013


In my previous post, i mentioned hitting rock bottom with my weight and how my self esteem took a huge dive and all kinds of negativity started setting in. I even included grainy, unclear pictures (just so it wouldn't look that bad. Hah! As if) of my fat self to prove a point 
To read that post, go here 

Needless to say, i was getting frustrated with my increasing weight gain and at that point, i was the heaviest that i've ever been in my life. It may not seem much to others, but you have to understand that for my height, that weight was way too much to bear especially since i've always been at a healthy acceptable weight. And in recent months the weight just kept piling on and wouldn't stop or go down. 
It pretty much felt like i was undergoing puberty once again.

But from the title, i guess it's obvious to say that my current diet/exercise is working well for me!

No mirror pictures yet cause i feel like there isn't any obvious difference.
 It's definitely too soon to tell since it's only been about 2 weeks? But i can kinda feel the difference in my body when i look at it. My stomach seems flatter and i no longer need to suck in so much as before. (Hurray!) And my arms are just slightly more toned, still jiggly but a bit firmer. 
Not too sure, but maybe its a psychological effect on my part.

So i guess the most anxious part you guys would want to know about is how much weight i've lost? 

If you recalled, this was my weight on 29 Mar
managed to rotate it!

And this is my slow but steady decline of my weight.


UPDATE: i weighed in at 43.3kg this morning!

So in total, i lost 2.9kg

As mentioned, it's not a drastic loss since its about 2 weeks and there really isn't any change to my appearance. But i feel like its a great start and shit gets real when you see those figures go down day by day on the scale and all you want to do is congratulate yourself and do a little jiggly dance. 

However, most of you would probably know that the first few kg you lose is just your water weight. It's great for me as i suffer from water retention issues that cause my thighs and face to swell. And also frequent indigestion and bloated issues. 

Water retention occurs when your body is unable to expel excess water thus the water is stored in your body and creates problems such as weight gain, digestive issues and others. For me, my main reason for water retention attributes to my insane love for salty food which resulted in my high sodium intake and hence, water retention problems. 
So boy am i glad to be rid of that!

For more info on water retention and how you can prevent it
click this link 

Whew, this has been a pretty long post but definitely a motivational one for me. I feel great and am going to continue to work towards my goal! 
Will probably do another update in 2 weeks or so just to keep track.

Till then,