Thursday, May 2, 2013

Still Going Strong

It's been 4 days since i've started my "Feel Good, Look Good" journey and thankfully im still pretty motivated to do my best for it. I've started running again and hitting the gym so my muscles are aching pretty badly but it's a good kind of soreness. Like the soreness that makes me proud and makes me want to keep on going. 

It's gonna be a gruelling month challenge for May but i intend to put in at least two days of cardio and two days of gym for each week. My planned routine for each week will probably be like this:

Monday: Cardio Day 
Tuesday: Home Workout
Wednesday: Gym Day
Thursday: Rest Day
Friday: Cardio Day
Saturday: Gym Day/Home Workout
Sunday: Rest Day/Whatever i feel like doing

I haven't been this determined in a really long time so this feeling needs to be taken advantage of. Haven't weighed myself to see if i've lost any weight and am so looking forward to doing so at the end of this week or the next.

Will update you guys then if there has been any progress along the way!

Till then,

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