Monday, April 29, 2013

The Time Has Come

Wow, two blog posts in one week, i must be considered a blogger now.

I've been bumming around so much that if you're a frequent reader of my blog (thank you so much), you would know that i've been going through a fat phrase recently hence the ginormous lack of fashion posts. Read post here.
And i know i've been so religiously proclaiming that "Oh, im going to work out and get thin and feel better about myself" but seriously i am all talk and no say and for the last and final time, it's time to stop talking and start the action!

I seriously dont know what's wrong with me being a procrastinator and shit but i really need to stop bumming around and do something about this drastic weight gain. Remember the time when i revealed my weight to the world and went all nazi about my feel good, look good journey but you know me and no surprise that the "feel good, look good journey" has been pushed back from January till now.

Well enough is enough.
The time has come for me to move my sorry, lazy fat ass back to shape and stop moping around and stalking skinny girls and finding quick fixes for weight loss.
And because i would really like to look good for an upcoming thing and stop being all depressed and shit.
And to prove that i am dead serious about working out this time plus since a lot of you don't believe that i am almost overweight and fat beyond my height.

I've taken the liberty of showing you proof
aka a series of unfortunate, unflattering, grossed out pictures of my fat self.
(cant believe im doing this *facepalm*)
A picture speaks a thousand words.
Please judge for yourself

Hate my arms, hate my stomach, hate my thighs

Seriously, fuck my man-arms

No idea why i cant rotate this but it reads 46.2kg

It's undeniable really that i've got fats in places i wish were much nicer and that bulge on everywhere,
seriously just kill me now. 

But today as of 1240am on 29/4/2013 when i really should be sleeping since there's work tomorrow,
i hereby start my diet/exercise plan and will report to you guys back in 2 weeks time any progress that i've made so you can judge for yourself.
And i can motivate myself to look better since i've bared it all.

Hope these disgusting pictures don't kill my social life.

Till then,

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