Thursday, April 11, 2013

Being in two places at one time

Over the weekend, i was flying to Japan while still remaining in Singapore.
Did that confuse you? 
Great! Truth to be told, i actually went to a concept themed restaurant in Singapore that transported me back to Japan.
Some of you may already know what i'm talking about and yes its Sushi Airways!

Staircase leading up to the much-awaited Sushi Airways

It's a plane themed sushi bar which serves fresh sashimi platters and obviously, sushi. For jap food lovers, this place is something you have to experience and try out though it's a little pricey in my opinion.
But enough jibber jabber from me so i'll like the pictures do the talking :) 

Disclaimer: I am absolutely not a food blogger and there's hardly any food posts on my blog but this quirky-themed sushi bar is really quite worth the talk about. So pardon my lacking descriptions and not so up there food pictures cause i am still fiddling around with my 50mm lens. 
Not easy. 

First up are professional photos not taken by me!
Image credits to their respective owners.

And now my amateur shots!

It's best to make reservations in advance because the place can only hold 33pax and you also get this cute boarding pass with your name on it.

Antique, quirky decoration piece. Very very cute. 

Attention paid to details to make it really resemble an interior of a plane. 

Mango roll ($30)
Mango keeps slipping off and for ginger haters, there are slices of ginger wrapped together in the sushi and unfortunately, none of my family members love ginger! 

So this was the reaction of my sister's bf, the one who took it the worse.

"Got ginger inside!"

Garden Salad
I liked this dish the best because of it's wafu dressing

Fresh Oysters 

Sashimi Platter (Small) - $58
Consisted of 6 different kinds of freshly cut sashimi. 
My dad especially loves it

Kani Mentai Cheese - $30 ++
Not too bad but took awhile to come because of the melted cheese on top. 

The place isn't too bad and i really liked it for it's novelty concept and even their servers were dressed as flight stewardess which made the whole experience even more realistic. I'm not a big fan of Japanese food but from what i gather, my dad really loves the sashimi platter. Probably the biggest draw of them all. I personally liked the garden salad the most while the kani mentai cheese comes in second. Sadly, the mango roll didn't reside well with us but would be more deserving to people who actually like ginger. 
I wouldn't head back though as i just cant appreciate the beauty of Japanese food so it's really a big waste for me but sashimi lovers should definitely give it a try!

Sushi Airways 
20a Baghdad Street
Singapore 199659
Tel: 62911151

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