Sunday, June 24, 2012

Conquering the World One Place at a Time

So i've got a few trips planned up my sleeve for the upcoming months and im so so so excited for them to materialize into reality. One thing's for sure, im heading to PERTH for 3 whole weeks! Might be nothing for some of you but its a milestone in my 22 years of living. Travelling to Perth on my own and staying there for 3 whole weeks together with my friends. It sounds deliciously like heaven to me. And its gonna be OMGfreakingamazingidontgiveashitwhatyousay. I cannot wait to plan my activities there and catch up with my childhood best friend, who by the way, looks crazy amazing with her chopped locks.  

Here's a picture of her and her boy! 

So adorable!

There's also plans for a weekend escapade to Batam and a December shopping spree at Bangkok and if i win that free trip to Korea. I am 1/5 close to doing so!! EXCITED MAX!

Oh 2012, you shall be such an eventful year and a long lasting memory. 
You shall be good to my bank account wont you? 

I'm definitely dreaming about travelling around the world (i mean, seriously, who doesn't?)  while im still young and hardly career minded and backpacking Europe is definitely something on my bucket list or at least "Things to do before i turn 27 or into an old hag" Sounds do-able dont you think? 

But, apparently i cant do it alone and this comes with tons of warnings from my friends and family especially in the places that i want to go such as XXX country cause and i quote "XXX men will chase anything in a skirt, especially Asians and i will be devoured wholly" No offense, and i added in that last part on my own but you get the meaning...

But it doesnt deter me, I AM FEARLESS!
unless i meet an ugly mother of nature creature such as flies and cockroaches and lizards then i will become screamy and whiny.
After all, i am a girl :)

But mark my words dear readers, slowly and surely i will conquer the world. 
Its only a matter of time. 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A little bit of everything

Here's random snippets of my life so far since i've been so swamped with everything else. Will find time to update soon! On the other hand, THANK YOU ALL so so much for constantly voting and suffering from my excessive "PLEASE please please help me vote cause i wanna go KOREA!" comments on your facebook!  I've made it into the top 5 of the competition and will move on to the final round and be 1/5 closer to being in Korea

 I'll definitely try my best to win since im now |          | this close to winning this competition! Remember to read my space for any updates and results of the competition okay! 

Special thanks to my family and friends who have been helping me to gather votes too! 
Love You All so much omg thank you im so touched :') 

More wacky desks in my office

Hi Chair! (high chair, geddit?)

Tiny little ants skating in an majorly overexposed picture


Junior Kid 


Clearing Clothes Day

The following shots are taken by my younger brother at Punggol Park. Not bad, got potential.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Looking Through My Eyes

Sunset once more. 

 Hello Kittys

Hello Kitty Land 

 How long more can we enjoy our blue blue skies and green trees?

Fading Fast 

My Shifu, dancer and friend. and Eyebags -.-"

Astonishing hefty priced medical bill

Thursday, June 14, 2012

New Addition and Flying Broomsticks

For those of you who have been following me on twitter, you would have already known this,
But for those on you who dont.... I got a new addition to my family!! 
NO NO. not that kind of new addition where there's wailing and pacifiers. 
No, no one got pregnant and gave birth to a baby. 

Too Bad.

However, i did get a new baby!
Say HELLO to my new CANON EOS 600D!

Okay, errr.. no pictures of the camera itself. Cause i didnt want to take my poorer quality cameras to take photos of my new professional camera. A bit embarrassing huh? HAHA

But i did take pictures of other stuff with my new baby? WANNA SEE WANNA SEE?!

This was taken last Saturday with my lovely cousins. We all dressed up to go see the Harry Potter Exhibition at the Art Science Museum but as usual, photography wasnt allowed so no pictures! 
For all you MUGGLES out there, do check out the exhibition. Its mega cool and super duper awesome! You cannot miss it! They have lots of interesting stuff on display. I dont want to reveal too much but its all funny and giggly and awesomazing like literally wows your socks off
Thats what i feel at least. And the souvenirs are priced to burn a hole in your pocket. Unless you dont have money woes like me. 

Okay pictures time!!

Dinner at High Society. Such a disappointment. Overpriced and the food doesnt live up to its standards. Only positive thing was that one of the male servers had really excellent, fabulous, mega good service that was so worth the time spent there. 

However, I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone and i definitely wont go back a second time :( 

I absolutely love this candid pictures of my cousins!

And my favorite picture of the day!

Love my new camera OMG. However im no pro at it. Only know how to use the auto mode :x Need to learn to use it wisely and learn its functions well! 

The Harry Potters Exhibition tickets are priced at $20 each for Singaporeans but identification is needed.
The exhibition will also be showing from 2 June all the way till 30 September 2012 at the Art Science Museum so remember to fly by if you have the chance to!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Surprise Surprise

Timmy's 21st birthday video surprise!! Made with lots of love from his friends and family and send to him as a surprise and a motivation for him! :)

Here's some behind the scenes during the shoot


Hope you enjoyed every single one of our hard work that was put into this video! :))

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Whose 24 and can still act like 5 year old?

Apparently, my sister can.
 It must be a special kind of gift. To be this old and still act this immature. HAHA. She's always the one going "Do you think im pretty?" or "Of course, Daddy loves me the most".  
Such a deprived kid.
And she's always the one gushing over soft toys and cute stuff. So typically her. But, besides her childish nature, my sister still has her serious sides where she'll give me great advice or we'll laugh over the stupidest things or smirk at us when my brother and i bully her.

She turned 24 last Sunday and our family went ahead to Pepperoni Pizzeria, probably the only place i know who serves gigantic sized pizzas. Perfect for celebrations with a large amount of people. But dont just take my word for it, have a look for yourself. 

No one told me i was having a bad hair day until i saw the photos...

Group Shot!

Such an epic proportion pizza! And it was a really nice day for us to able to spend some quality time with my family as well as my uncle's family! Haven't done that in awhile and its nice to gather and have these kind of outings once again! 

And to my lovely, vaguely annoying at times and will steal my clothes 24 year old sister,