Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Whose 24 and can still act like 5 year old?

Apparently, my sister can.
 It must be a special kind of gift. To be this old and still act this immature. HAHA. She's always the one going "Do you think im pretty?" or "Of course, Daddy loves me the most".  
Such a deprived kid.
And she's always the one gushing over soft toys and cute stuff. So typically her. But, besides her childish nature, my sister still has her serious sides where she'll give me great advice or we'll laugh over the stupidest things or smirk at us when my brother and i bully her.

She turned 24 last Sunday and our family went ahead to Pepperoni Pizzeria, probably the only place i know who serves gigantic sized pizzas. Perfect for celebrations with a large amount of people. But dont just take my word for it, have a look for yourself. 

No one told me i was having a bad hair day until i saw the photos...

Group Shot!

Such an epic proportion pizza! And it was a really nice day for us to able to spend some quality time with my family as well as my uncle's family! Haven't done that in awhile and its nice to gather and have these kind of outings once again! 

And to my lovely, vaguely annoying at times and will steal my clothes 24 year old sister,

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