Sunday, June 10, 2012

We had a Blast!

Celebrated my church's 80th anniversary over the weekend and it was a really big scale event held at the Kallang Theatre. The youth dancers also performed an item in the program and it was shit balls amazing. From the choreography to hair and makeup was on an entirely new scale that was a refreshing change from our usual dances for church. Everything was so much larger and louder! It was such a great feeling going out on that huge stage and doing our thing. Probably one of the best feelings i've ever had in dancing because i hardly perform for such events. I cant possibly describe the feeling but it was a great kick of adrenaline rush and seemingly impossible to top.

Here's the behind the screen photos and videos!

Guess Who?

Our Pretty Stage Mirror

Andrew and his Pits

The junior boys!

Random shots of some of the dancers!

Cheryl and I

 Amanda getting her hair fixed and her expressions are so epic! Bet you guys didnt notice the photobomber behind right?

ALL the female dancers!

Eddie and Chevy

Chevy and I

Eddie and I

Everyone also wants to photobomb kenneth
Chevy first

Then Eddie

After the concert, headed over to Suntec, still dressed in my makeup and dance attire, for dinner with my family and my cousins!

 Family Portrait

I couldnt end off the post without a self shot of me could i? Cause that's how self obsessed i am with myself! HAHAHA! Im just tring to show you guys the elaborate time and energy going into the makeup, the hair and the outfits!

Ripped tee design!

Finally ending the post with a group shot of all the dancers who performed for the 80th anniversary. We had a Blast!!


  1. Pentecost Methodist Church at Pasir Ris!

  2. Ah! The one at Pasir Ris Central, 400+ there? My parents go there too...