Thursday, October 11, 2012

Tough & Mean but not Lean

I've been away for so long im almost ashamed to come back to this backdated space and call it my blog. Well, my carefree time of bumming around and not working has finally come to a halt because i am officially employed. I've been employed for a week now but then again since everything's so backdated, this is considered pretty current news on my blog since there was no hint of it whatsoever.
My job's been pretty interesting so far. Love what im doing so waking up in the morning isn't that hard as i would expect it to be.

Lets see, what else to update?
I  changed my blackberry work phone to a Samsung Galaxy S3. I CAN HAVE INTERNET AND FRONT CAMERAS NOW! Again im kidding, i had internet on my BB just that social networking sites were pretty limited. So S3 is definitely a refreshing change from my blackberry.

Eh, i've also been sick for the longest time (no im kidding, just a week) and i've successfully managed to pass my flu bug to everyone around me. I am the disease and you guys are my carriers. *sniggers* Recovering well now but others are starting to sniff and snort.

In other news, i accidentally destroyed my own fringe by cutting them way too short. like above eyebrow short so i've been pinning it up and i hate my face and my hair and my asian eyes and.....

And... i gained some weight over the past few months and am now frantically on a diet to lose that extra few kilos ( What else is new?) so people who are meeting me for lunch/dinner, please be nice and not tempt me into unskinny, sinful food.

On a serious note though, i've been on a mean streak lately and that's quite bad. You know squeezing on crowded trains have never been my forte and with work being on normal office hours, peak hour timings are an everyday occurrence. And with people annoying me, i just get a little mean. Just yesterday, dont hate on me, i kinda used my knee to gently pushed away this kid that was "in my space" Of course i majorly toned down what i just typed. You had to know that the small girl stared at me and squashed herself with the people opposite me and gave me the "is this space enough for you?" innocent look. SIGH... i am such a monster....

Now, here's just a random slew of photos that are taken from my facebook ( I know, no originality) but yeah okay. Enjoy!
My Madagascar "Melman" suit with Gloria!

In Aussie with da mates

Met the most amazing bunch of people in Perth

Crazy Amazing KCDC

Cousin's Wedding and long awaited catch up with my cousins

Im always carrying babies. Maternal Instinct much