Thursday, January 31, 2013

Here Comes The End

Blouse: Iora
Jeans: Vava
Watch: French Connection
Wedges: Unknown

January is over. Crap! That's one month into 2013 already and Chinese New Year is approaching in another 10, 11 days. It's almost insane how much time flies. I had a few days hiatus from work because i fell sick from spring cleaning. I wonder if being allergic to dust is a curse or a blessing -.-" Haven't had the slightest mood to dress up because im pretty much constantly decked out in comfy tees and rabbit gym shorts, not exactly a fashionable choice. 

February seems promising so far. There might just be a surprise in store for me in time to come. So excited. I absolutely cannot cannot wait!
Wait for it!

Till then,

Friday, January 25, 2013

Not Just for the Sexy or the Rich

So many people have this misconception that lace is either provocative because of lacey lingerie or classy and fitted like high end atas gowns for the rich and famous. But little do they know that lace is an intricate piece of material that can also be worn in our daily outfits.
We are always surrounded by so many designs, patterns and trends as fashion is ever changing so is it any wonder that somewhere, somehow, someone actually found a way to incorporate lace into versatile, simple outfits that could be worn anytime, anyday.
Lace is amazing.
I love its attention to details that can immediately transform a simple white dress to a more feminine piece with an extra touch of class. Besides, lace seems to be a classic trend that never goes out of style. Here, i paired my lace dress with a houndstooth jacket and silver wedges.
No photos of my shoes though. Sorry!


PS: This is also my first post as the guest blogger of myfatpocket.
So exciting!!
Till then,

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

It's a Furry Date

Over the weekend, i dropped by a pet shop with Tim and inside we saw the cutest, smallest adult Pomeranian in the shop. Just look at the pictures below and you can tell she's really tiny and she's already 10 months old and this is the biggest she'll ever grow. Such a sweet thing with a really good personality. If not for the fact that poms shed fur and i couldn't bring her home that i finally managed to take my hands off her and leave her there. 

Word of advice to future pet owners: 
1) Never impulse buy!

No matter how much i was tempted to, i couldn't bring this sweetie pie home because of family allergies and because well i cant afford the time, money and energy to take care of a dog now.
But she's still a darling dog that will hopefully go to a special home and be a great companion to her future owners. 

After that it was a nice dinner at Applebees with the boyfriend and spending alone time just walking around the streets and window shopping. Date night as usual because weekends are precious and time is slipping away so quickly i cant believe its already mid Jan and im just 2 years away from being a quarter of a century old. 

Crochet Knit Outer: Mum's
 (i share everything with my mum & sister)
Maroon Inner Tank: Marks & Spencer
Denim Shorts: New Future

We bought this off a street peddler and paid 12 bucks for this but i didnt mind because it was an old lady. Besides the flashing lit heart is really attractive and just in time for Valentine's.

Till then,

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Paddle Pop

Tie Dye Shirt: Shop in Jurong Point
Cutout Skirt: Le'Range

Wearing this outfit made me feel like a giant sized popsicle. A paddle pop popsicle to be specific! Does anyone remember that colorful ice cream that tasted like rainbows? It's so rare to find it nowadays when there's so many new varieties of ice cream popping up every minute. Anyway, i really love this tie dye shirt because of its various colors that made it such a happy piece to wear especially on a dull day. Since it was old school, i tried to dress it up with some geeky specs and a cutesy ponytail. 

See more pictures below. 

Till then,

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Fairytales Reinvented

I once posted the gruesome truths behind our favourite childhood fairytales, read post here. And this time, im back once again to talk about them. Have you all seen the latest creative directions that directors have taken our fairytales? Popular tv series, Once Upon a Time and Grimm's spin on our childhood favourites has gotten the audience excited and in 2012, we were treated to the other side of Snow White with Snow White and the Huntsmen. So with all the current rage on wildly twisted fairytales, its no surprise that directors have taken the twisting of fairytales to new stories that now includes Jack and the Beanstalk and Hansel and Gretel.
Movies that strips the stories of its childlike innocence and morals.
Jack and the Beanstalk summarized is about Jack who was too poor and had to sell his cow to buy food but met a man who offered to exchanged his cow for magic beans. The beans sprouted into a giant beanstalk which led Jack to a giant's house where he stole their goose that laid golden eggs and later chopped down the beanstalk, thus killing the giant who was chasing him.
Here is the new take on Jack and the Beanstalk
Hansel and Gretel is about a pair of siblings who got lost in the woods and reached a house made of candy. When they took bits of candy from the house to eat, they realised that the owner turned into a witch who wanted to eat them up. Long story short, they managed to push her into the pot of boiling water and survived.
And this is what happened when Hansel and Gretel grew up
I am so so excited to watch these films as i love having new perspectives on fairytales. I was so intrigued when i learnt about Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Little Mermaid previously so can you imagine how curious i am to watch these? Especially since Hansel and Gretel will be out soon. This month if im not wrong.
 So..did i spoiled your fairytales once more?
Till then.

Friday, January 11, 2013

What Every Girl Should Learn

is the Art of Quick Change

A quick change between two looks is extremely easy!
With the correct basic,all you need to do is switch up something in your outfit and you can go from casual to formal, girly to rocker in a jiffy.

With just my Forever21 Pussybow blouse, i managed to create two diverse style.

1) Girly Coordinate

Skirt: Chic-a-bootie Tutu Skirt
Shoes: Cotton On
Accessories: BCBG Watch & Craftholic Bunny

The contrast of the pastel shades, the flower headband and the almost life sized soft toy i had, made this outfit very sweet, very girly and hopefully added a ethereal vibe to it.

2) Classic Black

Skirt: Osmose Satin Skirt in Black
Stockings: Unknown
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Cleata in Iridescent
Accessories: BCBG Watch

This time around, the black skirt completely changed the outfit from something very feminine into an edgier piece.  I feel that it's more classic and definitely suitable for all body types. This is the outfit that i actually wore to work and posted up on instagram (check sidebar). Received lots of compliments on it and i felt really happy that this look was so well-loved because it is definitely one of my favourites! 

So there you have it.
The Art of Quick Change between various looks can be mastered through knowing what style you're going for and what to change. A casual look with shorts & t-shirt can transform into a smart casual look if you swap the t-shirt for a dressy top.

I think this piece of information is vital for every girl especially since we always have tons of apparels to work and play around with.
Dressing smart not only helps you to look good but it also helps you to feel good about yourself.

Till then,

Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Secret Most Girls Wouldn't Reveal Part 2

IMG_4630 by mely1351
Check out my exasperated face.

In a few posts back, i mentioned about one of my deepest darkest insecurities, read here.
and since i revealed my weight and height in one go instead of being all embarrassed and shy about it like how i usually do, i've decided to go all out and make the very miserable and not welcome changes to to my lifestyle.
Procrastinator no more!

So for lazy people like me who hasn't exercised in a million years but are dying to get rid of those stubborn fats, here's a list of things that should get you moving.

1) Find Something You Like to Do!
Take that dance class that you've been waiting to do, go for less vigorous activity such as Yoga or Pilates or hit the gym (if you're not too self-conscious). Be it any of the above choices, it is important that you find something you like! Because, the truth is if you force yourself to do something you hate, chances are you'll be more tempted to give up halfway. Doing something you detest (in my case, running) is definitely not going to make your life any easier or your resolution any stronger but instead give you the motivation you need to roll back into your bad habits and be the self-pitying, unhappy person that you were.

My Choice: Im starting a skipping routine at home where i skip 100 times and complete a part of a circuit (weights, etc) then skip another 100 times and complete another part (situps) and then goes on and on until im happy.
2) Get a Buddy
A buddy who is enthusiastic about keeping fit would be a great motivation for you and  drag you out of your bed plus "force" you to stick to your resolutions. Otherwise, getting someone with the same lazy mindset as you would just make any kinds of resolution redundant.

My Choice: I dont have a buddy yet since i've been working out at home. Maybe i can convince my sister.

3) Unwanted Motivation
Now this might not work for some of you but if you're like me and you need a trigger to push you then this unwanted motivation might come in handy. My unwanted motivation is my brother. By constantly taunting me and teasing me that im fat, he puts the anger in me to push on and keep on going. However, if you are someone who is easily defeated by comments like this, it is highly likely that this method will not work for you .

My Choice: My younger brother who always jiggles my fats and scolds me when im eating without control.

4) Setting Goals
Goals are great. Just make sure they're realistic and achievable. My goal is simple. To see the digits on the weighing scale go down by at least 3kg and to finally be able to fit into this particular dress that's a size too small and showcases my fats to see. That's when i know im seeing results!

My Choice: Lose 3-5kg &fit into that too tight dress!

5) Convenience, Location & Accessibility.
For all you car owners out there, Lucky! But for public transport takers like me and staying at one end of Singapore, location is crucial. In my opinion, i would be more convinced to do some healthy activity if it was closer to where i stay. For instance, the power plates class that i would love to take is situated in Dempsey which is highly inconvenient for me thus = less motivation to go because i dread the distance.

My Choice: Anyway in the west that's on the green line.

Till then,

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Suffering from Bipolarism

I dont think there is a such a word as Bipolarism but you get the drift.
Conflicted emotions running through me when im scrolling through

Vest, Shorts, Top, Sunglasses
Credits:Lina T
Labellamafia Shirt, Megagamie Shorts, Zero Uv Sunglasses
Credits: Flavia.D
Theeditorsmarket Studded Backpack
Credits: Tess L
Tfnc Dress
Credits: Camille C
Romwe Comic Leggings, Boy London, Boy London Cap, Jeffrey Campbell Campbell Boots
Credits: Caroline E
Sheinside Jacket, Cmg Wedges, L.Chance Ring, Choies Shorts, Choies Top
Credits: Tricia G
Unif Vapors, Topshop Sequin Shorts, Topshop Peplum Top, Urban Outfitters Holographic Clutch, Retro City Sunglasses
Credits: Dominique N
Even the guys join in the fun!
H&M Blazer
Credits: Stay C
Asos Sunglasse, Tommy Hilfigher Cardigan, Tommy Hilfigher Shirt, All Saints Pants, Zara Shoes
Credits: Lorenzo L

Credits: Oliver W
Choies, Lord Richard, New Look Leopard
Credits: Mochine.A
Hard Rock, Lee Cooper Denim, American Apparel Jeans, Shoes
Credits: Jim.D

On one hand, im super fascinated by all the diverse fashion styles that everyone has, both males & females and its definitely inspirational to look through every single one of those artistic pictures and absorb from the amazing fashion community. 
On the other hand, why does everyone look so crazy fabulous on that website?! It's like these people have the best of everything, looks, figures, fashion sense. Gah! *tears my hair out*

Anyway, all images were taken from and credited respectively.

Till then,

Monday, January 7, 2013

Color Party

Aztec tube: Girl Express (Australia)
Shorts: Bought from Bangkok
Cardigan: Mum's
Shoes: Girl Express (Australia)

This is my most colorful shoot ever!
Borrowed these pretty balloons from a party that i went to and thought that it added such a bright pop of fun into my pictures. Love how its kinda an UP-themed photoshoot and so happy that we managed to get decent lighting because we had a tough time finding somewhere nice and bright to take these.

Shamelessly experimented with new poses and though im not skinny yet (getting there getting there), i really have to give credit to my wonderful cousin, photographer for following me around and being my model for test lighting plus making me look amazing! Think she did great even though it was her first time:)
Thanks Janna!

My model/photographer/cousin

Till then,

Friday, January 4, 2013

A Secret Most Girls Wouldn't Reveal

#OOTD (Partial)
Shirt: Uniqlo
Belt: Unknown

Sorry i know my OOTDs are not very helpful but it will get better as long as i get skinnier and take nicer shots. Bear with me for the time being okay?

I guess today i will talk about the one insecurity that every girl has and will encounter at some point of their lives. Not sure why i decided to blab about this topic suddenly but since it's been bogging me down for the longest time, i might as well just get it out. Mind you this is only my opinion and you can have your own ideas  and thoughts but since this is my blog, it will be a reflection of me. 

A secret most girls wouldn't reveal would be....

 their weight.

Its a sensitive issue where girls have to battle their inner demons. And it doesn't help when you have motivational posters telling you to be proud of your body and yada yada. "Embrace your body, love yourself for who you are"  is probably the easiest damn thing to say but is also the hardest thing to do. How does one take in what society perceives you to be and love it?  If there are hundreds and millions of people telling you that you're fat, how do the strongest person not fall to the pressure of changing oneself and can still stand up and say " I love my body"?

I know of a friend who has people telling her every single day that she is fat. They scrutinize her every actions, make remarks when she's eating and constantly tell her that she needs to lose weight. She got that from everyone, her colleagues, her boyfriend and her family. And once i asked her if those remarks and comments hurt her and she replied cheerfully that she was used to it. I guess deep down, it probably did hurt her self esteem and those words do take effect because she is trying to lose weight now. Thing is, she's not even fat or like morbidly obese. No she's probably skinny by US standards but of course, Asian societies are filled with petite girls and hence those are the "standards" to live by. 

Im almost sorry to say i live by those standards too. I know judging from my size, i seem normal, average really but underneath my short stature, hides the bulging tummy, flabby arms and thunder thighs  which is quite frankly, the bane of my life and the reason for my shitty self confidence. 
Exactly why my blog is named smallnotskinny.

The turning point in my life where my insecurities hit me really hard was when i was 14 i think. It was the time when i went out and we took neoprints (still in trend then) and when i looked at the photos, i felt like i was looking at myself for the first time, in a magnifying glass because suddenly i felt fugly. I saw my arms, my stomach and then this whole wave of self consciousness washed over me and that instance, my world changed. I stopped wearing sleeveless clothes and i would always try my hardest to cover up every inch of my body. Buying clothes seemed like a chore because whenever i wanted to buy a sleeveless dress or a top, i would stand there mentally contemplating what jackets i had that would looked good with it. 
It was and still is a mentally tedious chore looking in the mirror and constantly thinking "Why am i not skinny like those girls?"
Up till now, at this age you would think i am wiser and smarter when it comes to these things but no they still live in me and they still eat me up all the time. There is not a single day that i would go by without judging myself on my appearance and hesitating when it comes to sleeveless clothes. Every single day, i walk on the streets and i am envious of the people with bodies i admire. And deep down, i am ashamed to admit that i still struggle with my own body issues. 

Just recently, a relative told me that i've gotten fatter. 
Hurt like crap.

So my solution for myself to my ever depressing problem of low self esteem would be changing your mindset and actually doing something to help improve it. Instead of complaining and whining about it like how i've been doing my entire life, do something useful and productive. 
If you have flabby arms, tone it! 
If you want to lose weight, eat right and exercise right!
As cliche as it sounds but as soon as we start looking good, we too start feeling good. Its like losing weight and people noticing and it makes you feel all gooey and happy and motivated. 
 Sounds like a ton of work but maybe we all just need someone to shout at us, point us in the right direction and kick us into shape. Otherwise, it really is no point just sitting around and moping about why we didnt get the good genes from our parents. Right? If so, all these shit will still be there and make us even more depressed because its such a vicious cycle.

I think i've procrastinated long enough (at least 8 years long) and i really need to whip myself back into shape to get back that feeling of not worrying how i look in public and envying other people. My relative is my kicker and i just want to prove her wrong and agree with myself for once that hey, i can look good too! If you've managed to read this entire lengthy post, kudos to you.

I am gonna embark on my look good, feel good journey starting today.
My weight is 45kg. Almost overweight for my height considering im only 150cm.
And hey guys, even though my weight may not seem much but my body has a lot of blubber stored.
True Story.

Till then,

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Jungle Woman

Happy 2013 Everyone!
It's the first ever post for Jan 2013 and this is extra special for me because the blog is going in a new direction!
The first day of January, i guess my theme of the day was Jungle Woman since i think my outfit best represented that. Plus the newest addition, greatest love and my biggest splurge has got to be my Jeffrey Campbell babies. Those of you who followed me on instagram ,@mely135 would probably have gotten first peeks at it.
I absolutely adore it.
Parka: Borrowed from Mum
Ripped Tank: Bonito Chico
Shorts: Unknown Origin
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Cleata


And here's the picture i posted up on instagram!
I hope everyone's having a blast in 2013 so far!
I know i am gonna be busy with work and travel but all these planning gets me so excited for what's in store.
Till then,
Melissa Melly Mel