Thursday, January 31, 2013

Here Comes The End

Blouse: Iora
Jeans: Vava
Watch: French Connection
Wedges: Unknown

January is over. Crap! That's one month into 2013 already and Chinese New Year is approaching in another 10, 11 days. It's almost insane how much time flies. I had a few days hiatus from work because i fell sick from spring cleaning. I wonder if being allergic to dust is a curse or a blessing -.-" Haven't had the slightest mood to dress up because im pretty much constantly decked out in comfy tees and rabbit gym shorts, not exactly a fashionable choice. 

February seems promising so far. There might just be a surprise in store for me in time to come. So excited. I absolutely cannot cannot wait!
Wait for it!

Till then,

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