Tuesday, January 22, 2013

It's a Furry Date

Over the weekend, i dropped by a pet shop with Tim and inside we saw the cutest, smallest adult Pomeranian in the shop. Just look at the pictures below and you can tell she's really tiny and she's already 10 months old and this is the biggest she'll ever grow. Such a sweet thing with a really good personality. If not for the fact that poms shed fur and i couldn't bring her home that i finally managed to take my hands off her and leave her there. 

Word of advice to future pet owners: 
1) Never impulse buy!

No matter how much i was tempted to, i couldn't bring this sweetie pie home because of family allergies and because well i cant afford the time, money and energy to take care of a dog now.
But she's still a darling dog that will hopefully go to a special home and be a great companion to her future owners. 

After that it was a nice dinner at Applebees with the boyfriend and spending alone time just walking around the streets and window shopping. Date night as usual because weekends are precious and time is slipping away so quickly i cant believe its already mid Jan and im just 2 years away from being a quarter of a century old. 

Crochet Knit Outer: Mum's
 (i share everything with my mum & sister)
Maroon Inner Tank: Marks & Spencer
Denim Shorts: New Future

We bought this off a street peddler and paid 12 bucks for this but i didnt mind because it was an old lady. Besides the flashing lit heart is really attractive and just in time for Valentine's.

Till then,

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