Friday, January 11, 2013

What Every Girl Should Learn

is the Art of Quick Change

A quick change between two looks is extremely easy!
With the correct basic,all you need to do is switch up something in your outfit and you can go from casual to formal, girly to rocker in a jiffy.

With just my Forever21 Pussybow blouse, i managed to create two diverse style.

1) Girly Coordinate

Skirt: Chic-a-bootie Tutu Skirt
Shoes: Cotton On
Accessories: BCBG Watch & Craftholic Bunny

The contrast of the pastel shades, the flower headband and the almost life sized soft toy i had, made this outfit very sweet, very girly and hopefully added a ethereal vibe to it.

2) Classic Black

Skirt: Osmose Satin Skirt in Black
Stockings: Unknown
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Cleata in Iridescent
Accessories: BCBG Watch

This time around, the black skirt completely changed the outfit from something very feminine into an edgier piece.  I feel that it's more classic and definitely suitable for all body types. This is the outfit that i actually wore to work and posted up on instagram (check sidebar). Received lots of compliments on it and i felt really happy that this look was so well-loved because it is definitely one of my favourites! 

So there you have it.
The Art of Quick Change between various looks can be mastered through knowing what style you're going for and what to change. A casual look with shorts & t-shirt can transform into a smart casual look if you swap the t-shirt for a dressy top.

I think this piece of information is vital for every girl especially since we always have tons of apparels to work and play around with.
Dressing smart not only helps you to look good but it also helps you to feel good about yourself.

Till then,

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