Monday, January 7, 2013

Color Party

Aztec tube: Girl Express (Australia)
Shorts: Bought from Bangkok
Cardigan: Mum's
Shoes: Girl Express (Australia)

This is my most colorful shoot ever!
Borrowed these pretty balloons from a party that i went to and thought that it added such a bright pop of fun into my pictures. Love how its kinda an UP-themed photoshoot and so happy that we managed to get decent lighting because we had a tough time finding somewhere nice and bright to take these.

Shamelessly experimented with new poses and though im not skinny yet (getting there getting there), i really have to give credit to my wonderful cousin, photographer for following me around and being my model for test lighting plus making me look amazing! Think she did great even though it was her first time:)
Thanks Janna!

My model/photographer/cousin

Till then,

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