Friday, January 25, 2013

Not Just for the Sexy or the Rich

So many people have this misconception that lace is either provocative because of lacey lingerie or classy and fitted like high end atas gowns for the rich and famous. But little do they know that lace is an intricate piece of material that can also be worn in our daily outfits.
We are always surrounded by so many designs, patterns and trends as fashion is ever changing so is it any wonder that somewhere, somehow, someone actually found a way to incorporate lace into versatile, simple outfits that could be worn anytime, anyday.
Lace is amazing.
I love its attention to details that can immediately transform a simple white dress to a more feminine piece with an extra touch of class. Besides, lace seems to be a classic trend that never goes out of style. Here, i paired my lace dress with a houndstooth jacket and silver wedges.
No photos of my shoes though. Sorry!


PS: This is also my first post as the guest blogger of myfatpocket.
So exciting!!
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