Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Suffering from Bipolarism

I dont think there is a such a word as Bipolarism but you get the drift.
Conflicted emotions running through me when im scrolling through

Vest, Shorts, Top, Sunglasses
Credits:Lina T
Labellamafia Shirt, Megagamie Shorts, Zero Uv Sunglasses
Credits: Flavia.D
Theeditorsmarket Studded Backpack
Credits: Tess L
Tfnc Dress
Credits: Camille C
Romwe Comic Leggings, Boy London, Boy London Cap, Jeffrey Campbell Campbell Boots
Credits: Caroline E
Sheinside Jacket, Cmg Wedges, L.Chance Ring, Choies Shorts, Choies Top
Credits: Tricia G
Unif Vapors, Topshop Sequin Shorts, Topshop Peplum Top, Urban Outfitters Holographic Clutch, Retro City Sunglasses
Credits: Dominique N
Even the guys join in the fun!
H&M Blazer
Credits: Stay C
Asos Sunglasse, Tommy Hilfigher Cardigan, Tommy Hilfigher Shirt, All Saints Pants, Zara Shoes
Credits: Lorenzo L

Credits: Oliver W
Choies, Lord Richard, New Look Leopard
Credits: Mochine.A
Hard Rock, Lee Cooper Denim, American Apparel Jeans, Shoes
Credits: Jim.D

On one hand, im super fascinated by all the diverse fashion styles that everyone has, both males & females and its definitely inspirational to look through every single one of those artistic pictures and absorb from the amazing fashion community. 
On the other hand, why does everyone look so crazy fabulous on that website?! It's like these people have the best of everything, looks, figures, fashion sense. Gah! *tears my hair out*

Anyway, all images were taken from and credited respectively.

Till then,

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