Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Secret Most Girls Wouldn't Reveal Part 2

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Check out my exasperated face.

In a few posts back, i mentioned about one of my deepest darkest insecurities, read here.
and since i revealed my weight and height in one go instead of being all embarrassed and shy about it like how i usually do, i've decided to go all out and make the very miserable and not welcome changes to to my lifestyle.
Procrastinator no more!

So for lazy people like me who hasn't exercised in a million years but are dying to get rid of those stubborn fats, here's a list of things that should get you moving.

1) Find Something You Like to Do!
Take that dance class that you've been waiting to do, go for less vigorous activity such as Yoga or Pilates or hit the gym (if you're not too self-conscious). Be it any of the above choices, it is important that you find something you like! Because, the truth is if you force yourself to do something you hate, chances are you'll be more tempted to give up halfway. Doing something you detest (in my case, running) is definitely not going to make your life any easier or your resolution any stronger but instead give you the motivation you need to roll back into your bad habits and be the self-pitying, unhappy person that you were.

My Choice: Im starting a skipping routine at home where i skip 100 times and complete a part of a circuit (weights, etc) then skip another 100 times and complete another part (situps) and then goes on and on until im happy.
2) Get a Buddy
A buddy who is enthusiastic about keeping fit would be a great motivation for you and  drag you out of your bed plus "force" you to stick to your resolutions. Otherwise, getting someone with the same lazy mindset as you would just make any kinds of resolution redundant.

My Choice: I dont have a buddy yet since i've been working out at home. Maybe i can convince my sister.

3) Unwanted Motivation
Now this might not work for some of you but if you're like me and you need a trigger to push you then this unwanted motivation might come in handy. My unwanted motivation is my brother. By constantly taunting me and teasing me that im fat, he puts the anger in me to push on and keep on going. However, if you are someone who is easily defeated by comments like this, it is highly likely that this method will not work for you .

My Choice: My younger brother who always jiggles my fats and scolds me when im eating without control.

4) Setting Goals
Goals are great. Just make sure they're realistic and achievable. My goal is simple. To see the digits on the weighing scale go down by at least 3kg and to finally be able to fit into this particular dress that's a size too small and showcases my fats to see. That's when i know im seeing results!

My Choice: Lose 3-5kg &fit into that too tight dress!

5) Convenience, Location & Accessibility.
For all you car owners out there, Lucky! But for public transport takers like me and staying at one end of Singapore, location is crucial. In my opinion, i would be more convinced to do some healthy activity if it was closer to where i stay. For instance, the power plates class that i would love to take is situated in Dempsey which is highly inconvenient for me thus = less motivation to go because i dread the distance.

My Choice: Anyway in the west that's on the green line.

Till then,

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