Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Unexpected House Guest

Hello everyone, i've been so swamped with assignments that i haven't had any time to posts up any interesting news. But i've just submitted two essays and im momentarily free for the time being so i thought i would do up a short post on my unexpected house guest. I never would have imagine that he would be able to come in to my house let alone stay for a few hours but he did! And i was so happy to babysit him for that few hours. 

Guys, meet Cooper!
Warning: Image Heavy Post

Starfish Dog

He's so tame and quiet and lazy and my mother who is usually terrified of dogs didnt even mind him being in the house. My parents even asked me why the dog wasnt moving at all cause he'll usually just lie down on the floor and chill. They assumed he was either dead or old. -.-" Cooper's only 1 year pus by the way.

Such a cute cute cute shaggy dog! OMG. i miss him already :((

He was so good the whole time he was at my place and just when i was about to leave to take him home, he left me a nice surprise. Not the good kind but he peed at my parents room door and ran away. Ohwell, at least it was a memorable night!

Ending off with this picture of him!

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