Sunday, June 24, 2012

Conquering the World One Place at a Time

So i've got a few trips planned up my sleeve for the upcoming months and im so so so excited for them to materialize into reality. One thing's for sure, im heading to PERTH for 3 whole weeks! Might be nothing for some of you but its a milestone in my 22 years of living. Travelling to Perth on my own and staying there for 3 whole weeks together with my friends. It sounds deliciously like heaven to me. And its gonna be OMGfreakingamazingidontgiveashitwhatyousay. I cannot wait to plan my activities there and catch up with my childhood best friend, who by the way, looks crazy amazing with her chopped locks.  

Here's a picture of her and her boy! 

So adorable!

There's also plans for a weekend escapade to Batam and a December shopping spree at Bangkok and if i win that free trip to Korea. I am 1/5 close to doing so!! EXCITED MAX!

Oh 2012, you shall be such an eventful year and a long lasting memory. 
You shall be good to my bank account wont you? 

I'm definitely dreaming about travelling around the world (i mean, seriously, who doesn't?)  while im still young and hardly career minded and backpacking Europe is definitely something on my bucket list or at least "Things to do before i turn 27 or into an old hag" Sounds do-able dont you think? 

But, apparently i cant do it alone and this comes with tons of warnings from my friends and family especially in the places that i want to go such as XXX country cause and i quote "XXX men will chase anything in a skirt, especially Asians and i will be devoured wholly" No offense, and i added in that last part on my own but you get the meaning...

But it doesnt deter me, I AM FEARLESS!
unless i meet an ugly mother of nature creature such as flies and cockroaches and lizards then i will become screamy and whiny.
After all, i am a girl :)

But mark my words dear readers, slowly and surely i will conquer the world. 
Its only a matter of time.