Thursday, June 14, 2012

New Addition and Flying Broomsticks

For those of you who have been following me on twitter, you would have already known this,
But for those on you who dont.... I got a new addition to my family!! 
NO NO. not that kind of new addition where there's wailing and pacifiers. 
No, no one got pregnant and gave birth to a baby. 

Too Bad.

However, i did get a new baby!
Say HELLO to my new CANON EOS 600D!

Okay, errr.. no pictures of the camera itself. Cause i didnt want to take my poorer quality cameras to take photos of my new professional camera. A bit embarrassing huh? HAHA

But i did take pictures of other stuff with my new baby? WANNA SEE WANNA SEE?!

This was taken last Saturday with my lovely cousins. We all dressed up to go see the Harry Potter Exhibition at the Art Science Museum but as usual, photography wasnt allowed so no pictures! 
For all you MUGGLES out there, do check out the exhibition. Its mega cool and super duper awesome! You cannot miss it! They have lots of interesting stuff on display. I dont want to reveal too much but its all funny and giggly and awesomazing like literally wows your socks off
Thats what i feel at least. And the souvenirs are priced to burn a hole in your pocket. Unless you dont have money woes like me. 

Okay pictures time!!

Dinner at High Society. Such a disappointment. Overpriced and the food doesnt live up to its standards. Only positive thing was that one of the male servers had really excellent, fabulous, mega good service that was so worth the time spent there. 

However, I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone and i definitely wont go back a second time :( 

I absolutely love this candid pictures of my cousins!

And my favorite picture of the day!

Love my new camera OMG. However im no pro at it. Only know how to use the auto mode :x Need to learn to use it wisely and learn its functions well! 

The Harry Potters Exhibition tickets are priced at $20 each for Singaporeans but identification is needed.
The exhibition will also be showing from 2 June all the way till 30 September 2012 at the Art Science Museum so remember to fly by if you have the chance to!


  1. The Harry Potter thingy is on a one hour slot basis right? Will the staff chase you out after one hour?

  2. Nope, they wont chase you out. The one hour slot basis is to control the crowd and ensure that there wont be too crowded in the exhibition :) Very smart way i must say.

  3. But wouldn't that mean it would be very crowded in the exhibition? Like let's say the 9am batch goes in till 12.30. So, at 12.20, there will be 9am batch + 10am batch + 11am batch?

  4. You definitely cant stay in the museum for that long. Even if you're a slow walker and you truly want to appreciate every single detail and artifact there, you'll take an hour or 1 and a half hours max. Confirm chop chop.