Monday, April 15, 2013

Meeting Family

This blog is quickly becoming more about my dog than about myself because she's still the most interesting thing in my life now. I have to admit that taking care of her is no easy feat but i've grown very attached to her and can't imagine not having that sad puppy face in my life. I've also neglected the fashion aspect on my blog because these days, im just not comfortable in my own skin anymore.

There's so much going on with the recent weight gain and it's really bumming me out. I look in the mirror and i just see this ginormous girl staring back at me with her bulging tummy, flabby arms and thunder thighs. It's not a pretty sight and i'm just losing motivation to even blog about any fashion related stuff especially when i see a surge of increasingly talented, hardworking and good looking fashion bloggers. It depresses me even more to know that i am miles away from them from my shitty home pictures to phone pictures to disgusting body figure. 

Everything just doesn't seem right now. My hair is crap my face is too broad, my body is shit and my height is short. I'm just stuck in this rut and that i'm never gonna feel better about myself and i start procrastinating about exercise and find quick sure die methods of dieting to feel better but end up feeling too broke to buy anything.
Tall about a chain of tough luck.

But enough of that depressing rant and on to the past weekend where Jelly met up with her siblings. In my excitement i lugged out my dslr all set to take photos to document them but i clearly forgot about the memory card that i took out. Stupid stupid. So all pictures were taken with a combination of mine and the other owners' phone cameras. A lovely bunch of people and i'm really great to meet all of them:)

Jelly's elder sister, Baileys and the owner whom we got our puppies from, Cindy

Bailey's owner Danellia in the back and her boyfriend:)

Her younger brother, Chewie who has really short legs!

Chewie's owner, Jonathan

And of course my baby, Jelly

Jelly, Baileys and their dad, Momo who has no tolerance for them. 

After a good day of play, all the puppies were crazy exhausted




So that was the end of a good day, we plan to make it a monthly meeting so that they don't forget each other. They're family afterall and the owners are really nice:)

Till then,

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