Monday, May 13, 2013

National Geographic Free Pet Shop Pt 1

Went down to the National Geographic's Channel dog adoption drive 2 Sundays back and my family tagged along with me for some good old fashioned cycling at East Coast Park. I think i must have spammed like a crazy amount of photos, practically going gaga over all the dogs and the scenery so i have to split that day into 2 parts. 

5 animal shelters were present at the drive and there were so many dogs, activities and freebies that day. Cute little dogs with "Adopt Me" bandanas tied around their neck and super manja ones that just kept rolling on the ground for treats. I like to think that even if all the shelter dogs weren't adopted, at least they had fun being out on that windy day (albeit the slight drizzle for awhile) and romping around in the grass and of course, smelling new butts. 

Jelly herself made a lot of new friends and was quite a butt sniffer. She was pretty daring for a first timer being around so many other dogs both huge and tiny and it was definitely an eye opening experience having dogs at your every sight. Even my mum whose deathly afraid of Singapore specials or other dogs in general made a valiant effort to trudge through the adoption drive and check it out.

For good fun, we pinned a flower on her which she absolutely hates but attracted tons of attention from passer-bys.  

Let all the pictures do the talking:)

First time to ECP

My brother had to stop that lazy girl from lying down.

One of the friendly, gentle giants that didn't scare her off. 

Made a new friend in the wind. 

Daddy with his little girl and two very random spoil picture strangers.

This was so cute. 
2 toy poodles with 1 minature poodle. Look at that size difference!
It's mouth is muzzled so it looks like it's wearing a mask. 

A very photogenic maltese

Cute "Adopt Me" Bandanas

Omg i have to tell you about this super gorgeous pom with a thick, luscious coat that literally swishes when it walks. Swish left, swish right, swish left, swish right and it was such a gentle fluid motion.
 Too mesmerizing!

Singapore specials wanting a treat. 
Spot the center, most manja one.

Ending off with this ridiculous picture of my Hawaiian baby.

Till then,

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