Sunday, May 19, 2013


So it's been almost 2 weeks since my last update and back then i weighed in at 43.3kg. You do know that happiness you feel upon seeing your figures drop on the scale? Especially the one where it drops to a number that you've stopped seeing since what 5 years ago? Yeah, it was pretty exhilarating to see it go down, down, down.... but all those was water weight. 
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Unfortunately for me, my weight has been pretty stagnant for the entire past week. Am currently stuck at 42.8kg because i've hit a weight loss plateau. If you're like me and suddenly stopped losing weight even though you've been keeping to your exercise and diet routines, here may be some reasons why.

1. You may have unknowingly slacken off your diet/exercise 
Perhaps you've stopped being so strict with your calories or skipped that one gym session. Every tiny detail counts. Go back to that overbearing, super anal self you were about your food and exercise.

2. You have been losing fat but gaining muscle mass
That could be why your weight still remains the same and the best explaination as to why my weight is still constant now. How to realize if you've been gaining muscle is to look at your fat percentage and muscle percentage.  If your fat mass decreases and muscles mass increases, you'll know the reason why.

3. You're not eating enough
If you're more active but have yet to increase your food intake to suit your current healthy lifestyle, your body may be holding on to your fat and keeping you from losing those excess weight.

4. Your body is adapting to your routine
Our body is actively changing to suit our needs and might have started adapting to your current lifestyle hence it is not burning as much calories as it should be. Try switching up your exercise routine and incorporating new frequencies and duration. 

Hope this helps you guys!

Will be back to update with any more progress on my part:)
Till then,

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