Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Will You Take Off Yours?

I've never had a fondness for alcohol. 

Don't like the way it taste, don't like how it makes me feel and certainly don't like the aftereffects.
But over my years of living, i've definitely had my moments of having one drop too many and i act badly, not my finest memories. See, as much as my body and i hated alcohol, (my alcohol tolerance is amazingly low and my face gets bright tomato red), i didn't like to be the odd one out. When friends hang out at pubs or clubs, the very natural order of things would be to order a drink, an alcoholic beverage to be specific, your jagerbombs, tequila shots, beer and jack daniels. 
So as much as i resented it, i always just went along. 
Worst Decision Ever.

And for some, that first experience of booze and clubbing will always lead to a stage, a turning point where you get really involved in it. Looking back at my time, all i see was a lot of money wasted and a lot of bodily harm done. Not that i didn't enjoy the music or the dancing with good company but i probably would have remembered those times a little better if i wasn't drinking. Many a times, i had to puke at the sidewalks or sleep unglamourously at who knows where. And sometimes, even before i step into the club. 
I know. Loser much. 

Now that i am a little older and i like to think a little more mature, 
I've stopped drinking for probably a year now excluding that one time when i was in perth and i tried soju for the first time with the KCDC gang. 

My face was actually really red but the dim lighting made it look sorta okay.

 But now, i am proud of myself for being able to withstand the peer pressure or any part of me that tries to "fit in". 
Now, i just firmly say NO and stay that way.
 Alcohol does nothing for me, it makes me dizzy, giddy and nauseous instead of the "feel good" feeling that everyone claims it does. I've seen people who really enjoy their drink and im not disapproving. All im saying is that, alcohol doesn't have the same effect on me as it does for some others and i can't appreciate or bring myself to like the way it taste. So instead of forcing myself to chug it down, make a horrible face and adapt to it, i make the conscious decision not to drink.

I've seen my life alcohol-free and i like the way it is.
Anyone feels the same way as i do?
Secretly hating alcohol but forcing yourself to pretend like you enjoy it?
The mask is off for me.
Now, will you take off yours?

Till then,

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