Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Settling Down with my Mood Board

As a young adult at 18, i've never given much thought to my life as i grow up. I mean sure i've occasionally thought about what i would name my children, how many children i would have
(Being as fickle minded as i am, my kids' names have progressively changed until i have no single clue on what to name them and whether their first letters should be the same.)
but anything beyond that was nada, zilch.

Back at 18, all i could think about was get my diploma, play harder and do whatever i want since i'm still young and legal. And after my diploma, get my degree.
That was my future planned out for me.
Simple enough right?

And as time whizzes by and crazily enough, i am no longer the young adult that i am, studying for my qualifications. Suddenly, my diploma is done, my degree is done and now at the ripe old age of 23, im out in the corporate world working, reading family blogs, looking at apartments and talking about the big M word, Marriage.

 Mind-fucked i tell you. 

It's amazing what 5 years can do to change you. All your beliefs, thoughts and opinions have changed into this revolving urge to "Settle Down" plus a little bit of maternal instincts here and there.

I blame the internet for indulging me in my urges to settle down. Because there are proposal videos floating around on Facebook week after week after week. And reality series like "Say Yes To The Dress" on Youtube and bloggers getting married(Qiuting, Velda) and even getting pregnant (Xiaxue). And with friends constantly talking about the BTOs and their houses it's really no surprise that im as influenced as i am now. 

But complaints aside, i really am looking around at houses. Not those teeny tiny BTOs  but executive maisonettes. And i am so tempted to purchase the house while property prices are still reasonable i guess without exorbitant COVs but obviously, that is not an option at this moment. 
But a girl can still dream, and this is my mood board that i can keep for future references!

All image credits: Home and Decor

So thats it for now!
I'll come back with more inspirations for my mood board soon:)

Till then,

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