Sunday, March 31, 2013

Memories that will last for a lifetime

So over the weekend, Tim and i decided, well mostly me, to do a photo op with our latest acquired member, Jelly. To make things a little different, i decided that we should all "dress up". Remembering that i had a bunch of kigurumi suits (animal pajamas) stored in my cupboard and a ducky costume that we bought for her, we pretty much had it all set up!

Trust me, its not easy to get a dog to sit still and pose for us let alone our camera shy puppy but i think the photos turned out great! Fiddled around with my new 50mm lens too and loving the effect though i still need to work on my focusing skills.

Poor elephant suit was too small for Tim he couldnt even button it up!

Ending off with a picture of the two favourite things in my life.

Till then,

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