Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Same Height, Different Look

I think i've mentioned that some of my favourite fashion inspirations are from Seaofshoes and DailyLook and well sometimes its a little hard to match what the models are wearing cause they're you know, models, and are tall and skinny and everything fits them perfectly and its just hard for someone like me whose basically a dwarf to pull off the same look without looking ridonkulous. 

But then, i recently chanced upon this new blog and i am so loving the blogger's style which she describes as tom-boyish as she's really into shirts, pants and blazers. What makes it all that more perfect is she's exactly the same height as me! 4'11" (150cm).

So now, i can get a better idea of what fits me better without overwhelming my frame and weighing myself down. I like her simplistic preppy dressing with pants and blazers but sometimes her buttoned down top and jeans combination is so easy and wearable even in Singapore that i definitely have to give it a try!

Here's some pictures of outfits that i love taken from Alterations Needed
All picture credits belong to the blog owner of Alterations Needed.







I dont know she just doesnt seem as short as i feel. In fact she looks rather tall and lanky and im so damn amazed by whatever she does. What sorcery is this?! Besides posting some of her outfits, her site also involves some fun tips and tricks for petite ladies. 
I like reading some of these articles,

1) Faking Fit

2) The Secrets My High Heels are Hiding

3) Why Clothing Fits Celebrities and Not you

Go on, give it a read, you just might like it too.

PS: For those of you whose curious about the competition i've joined, my final product review is up on Amethystory's FaceBook page so head on over to check it out and laugh at me if you must:)

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